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  1. Google found me the solution: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/fixing-when-windows-media-player-library-wont-let-you-add-files/
  2. I've had this computer (with Windows 7 Home Premium) for a couple of months. Suddenly there were no songs or anything in WMP11 and if I try to add something, it won't appear there. Since this is Windows 7, uninstalling isn't possible - and just turning it off doesn't remove the problem. At least I don't remember that this problem would have come after installing new hardware or software.
  3. Hey! My Windows Media Player (11) decided to be difficult. It worked fine for a while - and it still plays music - but the library stays empty. It won't add any songs, or anything. I didn't find a way to delete this Media Player and apparently, it isn't possible to install a new one. So, what to do?
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