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  1. Its happening again, and the channel is set at 11.
  2. More of my favorite freeware: http://www.grisoft.com/doc/71/lng/us/tpl/tpl01 http://smb.sygate.com/products/spf_standard.htm http://www.shareaza.com/ http://www.ccleaner.com/ http://www.winamp.com/
  3. That makes sense! I have one of these phones, and it seems that when the phone rings I do lose connectivity. The channel was set to 1, but I changed it. Thanks alot, I'll see if this works.
  4. Hey, I am having trouble with my wireless network. I am using D-link products, router and card. I am not using the d-link software, as I don't like it. Running WindowsXP I am using Windows to configure my wireless internet. I have the WEP set correctly and everything configured correctly. However I seem to have trouble with the stability of my network. After I leave the computer for a while I lose my connection. I come back to my computer and everything is disconnected and I get an error saying windows cannot find a wireless network to connect to. After "Repairing" my wireless network everything comes back online and works fine. However this gets annoying and shouldn't be happening. Also when my network is not online I see an old SSID for my wireless connection listed under the "view available wireless networks" page. It is very strange, but a simple repair gets the right SSID on the list and it works fine, that is until i leave it alone. Its got me stumped.
  5. This program is technically freeware, so I will plug it here. www.knoppix.com Knoppix is a distro of linux that you download in .iso form and burn to a CD. After burning it, you can run linux on any computer as long as it boots from a CD. It is great for trying out linux or data recovery. It auto detects all network settings and dosen't write a thing to the hard drive. Its a great thing.
  6. On XP isnt the hosts file in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc? (you have C:\windows\drivers\system32\etc listed)
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