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  1. first, please excuse me if the answer was readily available but I went through all the following query results in vain. I'm using a NetLimiter on Windows 7, which a screenshot is attached, and it works as expected when I actually get a connection to programs/processes. 2/3 of the time, connection don't get through and the difficulties even reach low enough (ISO level) to affect ping (command-line). Ping will sometimes not get through and sometimes do get through although with a pathetic 1st or 2nd reply, effectively getting better, and other times get worse through the ping seeing such b
  2. I have a custom program (batch file) which make daily logs. I keep the original just in case but I use a summary of it which is made from pruning the original file (threough regex & other replacements) making an uncompressed file about the 1/3 of the (original) size. After I created the summary I'd like to compress the original (keeping it just in case, will seldomly be used). I made an archives folder inside the logs folder which I moved 3 (original) file just after (its creation). I then remembered about tweaking with folder properties and seeing comthing about compression ; I checked
  3. Hello, I've switch my main applications (email client + browser) themes to dark themes and I'd really like to do the same for the OS, Windows Vista. For Windows style, I'm stuck in 95, very plain ; I didn't like XP blue&green and I don't like the 3D&translucence of Aero ; the only theme I prefer over Windows 95 one is Gnome. I've tried a few themes from DeviantArt but none seemed functional. I thought it may have been because I tweaked my services (as all recent Windows installations) and realized Themes was set to manual so started it but the Theme settings panel would still not fun
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