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  1. Hello! :) I have windows xp installed and even though it was pretty hard to make a correct installation, thankfully it got install with no problems. Well, almost without problems! You see, my screen resolution is 800x600 and it is really annoying. When i try to change it, the bar doesn't move at all. I searched in google and saw some sites that were advising me to install some drivers. But.. I don't know how to see what drivers I need, where to download them from and how to install them; every help could be useful! :) Btw, I have Toshiba NB 200. Many thanks
  2. The Windows install setup says: No hard drives detected... So I can't install under SATA controller's AHCI mode. When SATA controller is at compatibility mode it is able to be installed but windows won't be so good... What to do? If I install under compatibility mode and boot under AHCI mode, it appears the blue screen of death... Thanks for your assistance
  3. Im not so good at these.... :/ You see, my prob is that at the network connections it doesnt have nothin! Neither wireless nor anything else...
  4. I see... but you know i've already made a format of the whole disk and installed windows twice or more times but still the problem insists! Thanks for your time! :)
  5. Btw the first time connecting I can't connect to wireless... There is no such an option... Thanks!
  6. Hope this time I'll solve my prob

  7. Thanks! I haven't pirated windows though. The black is pirated and im srry for saying that. But my other CD with windows xp windows SP3 ELL (my language) didn't work. It had the same problem. It couldn't ready any hard disks until i changed my SATA controller from AHCI to Compatibility mode. Black was installed by AHCI mode, so I thought that it would be better.... Any suggestions? Thanks for your time
  8. I didnt receive good answers....... Moderators dont seem so friendly :/

  9. Since I use other windows and i face this problem what to do?
  10. Ok, now let's wait for answer to the posts!

  11. When I boot windows, it shows me the blue screen of death but instantly reboots. It shows it about 0.5 seconds and I can't read it. But when I set SATA controller to Compatibility mode from AHCI mode, I could boot, but still I can't connect to internet. How to begin??? Btw, the Windows I had ago, could be booted by AHCI mode and connect to internet. What's going wrong? Please read my other post first! http://forums.window...showtopic=49491
  12. Firstly Greetings, This is my first post! Im glad I've found this forum because I was really in need of some help! Im not good at windows, u see I have been using the most linux because I didnt know how to handle windows. To begin... My uncle had made my Toshiba Netbook (NB200) dual-boot Linux and Windows. But somehow windows stoped working. So I "accidentaly" (someway accidentaly :P ) I erased my whole hard disk. I didnt know how to install windows back, but I knew how to install ubuntu. I didnt have a disk so i used my flash disk. Through UnetBootin I managed to install Ubuntu again. Since then Ive been trying to install windows. Recently, I made a disk with windows Black SP3 iso. In contrast with the other isos i had tryed to install, this one could read my hard disk. So I installed it. But I made some updates at Linux through Linux manager and i cant boot from that partition again. Srry if I flood or if i tired you... What to do so the partition will be bootable again? If you have solved this please read my other post http://forums.window...showtopic=49492. Thanks for your time.
  13. Hope this site will help me out! :)

  14. Hope this site will help me out! :)

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