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  1. Google Chrome Avast Internet Security Malwarebytes Pro TFC Firefox
  2. jeffce

    Hi everyone!

    I might just do that. :)
  3. jeffce

    Hi everyone!

    Yup...that is the way I go about it.... :D
  4. jeffce

    Hi everyone!

    When I get my new system I will. For the time being this is running fine...plus I am used to it. :D
  5. jeffce

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, Thanks for the welcome. I find that everyone has things to offer and look forward to learning more.
  6. Just adding some information that some might like to use. :)
  7. I thought that I might add to this list since it has been some time. >> http://singularlabs....urity-software/
  8. jeffce

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone. My name is Jeff and I just registered. I have been around the malware removal forums for a couple of years now. I look forward to learning more and meeting new people. If anyone has any questions of me feel free to ask. :)
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