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  1. and are you sure you want this thing next to your head on the nightstand? could cause impotence?
  2. wireless charger? glad you have money to waste on someone's ingenious invention.
  3. That does not look wireless, I see a wire.
  4. IMTNT


    Probably spent quality time with his mummy today. I doubt she knows about his postings.
  5. IMTNT

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Frozen crap or are you or 'Er Indoors still the fine chef that you were in your prime?
  6. IMTNT

    Acronis 2016

    I find no use for junk software/freeware anymore. It use to be fun talking about it but computer forums are for old farts.
  7. IMTNT

    AWOL For a Week

    Hope you take some photos of the remains of the Ludendorff bridge. I love to see the destruction of Germany caused by the nazi's. https://www.dw.com/en/germany-famous-wwii-remagen-bridge-towers-up-for-sale/a-43692621
  8. IMTNT

    That architect of yours, Mr Schicklgruber

    Hereon do not use Heron to address Herr Heren
  9. IMTNT

    Chinese fashion outlet full of bargains !

    Probably blame Chamberlain for that, he was scared of the Germans.
  10. If he deleted all spamers and inactive members there would only be about 6 members.
  11. IMTNT

    Chinese fashion outlet full of bargains !

    Was uncle Bill´╗┐ 'helping' your Mum while Dad was away?
  12. IMTNT

    Why the hell not 22

    I wish she would slow down a little, I'm too old and getting dizzy. I could have been a painter
  13. IMTNT


    I have never understood the need for Thunderbird or any such program. Can't you go directly to your Virgin Media e-mail account?
  14. IMTNT

    Write A Ten Word Story

    The latest Windows update took forever but all is well
  15. IMTNT

    Should I try it, NO NO and thrice NO

    Really? The rest of what?

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