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  1. IMTNT

    In The Mood

    I still love this time of year!
  2. IMTNT

    Sniffer Dog Detects Underground Water Leaks

    I suppose that works well in the city also. I usually find leaks due to a visual or sink hole.
  3. IMTNT

    What's the Best Home Printer?

    Do you like wasting colour ink that you never use?
  4. IMTNT

    What's the Best Home Printer?

    I will never buy a colour inkjet printer. Brother monochrome laser is the best.
  5. Still have the same even after a cumulative update for 1803.
  6. Yes, it was fun. Back when computer forums were active. There was all types of freeware to try and plenty of advice from 'experts'
  7. I do have recent backups but everything seems to be normal. I think I will wait when or if 1809 updates again.
  8. Should I just ignore? I see no option to uninstall/delete the download.
  9. Windows Update apparently downloaded this but did not fully install. Says I need to restart but after several attempts it still says the same thing. My Windows version still shows 1803. Anyone else have or know of this problem?
  10. They are going to the launderette. Bubba is using the machine at the moment.
  11. and are you sure you want this thing next to your head on the nightstand? could cause impotence?
  12. wireless charger? glad you have money to waste on someone's ingenious invention.
  13. That does not look wireless, I see a wire.
  14. IMTNT


    Probably spent quality time with his mummy today. I doubt she knows about his postings.
  15. IMTNT

    What are you having for dinner today?

    Frozen crap or are you or 'Er Indoors still the fine chef that you were in your prime?

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