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  1. Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809 amd64 successfully installed yesterday. No problems.
  2. IMTNT

    Wow a sudden surge in members

    This forum is a spam magnet and the admin does not care. I feel sorry for the mods, they must be very dedicated to continue policing a dead forum.
  3. IMTNT

    Hello Everyone

    We are still looking but our hopes are diminishing. https://cdnc.ucr.edu/?a=d&d=SFC18950507.2.120
  4. IMTNT

    Note to members

    yes, wide open throttle. catgate has motorcycles that are so fast they cannot be seen.
  5. IMTNT

    App Manager

    I haven't the need for such idiocy anymore. Forth-party apps to scan third-party apps to update second-party apps.
  6. IMTNT

    Where's andsome

    This is the perfect forum if your time is limited. A lively forum will waste your time.
  7. IMTNT

    Why the hell not 88

    That's what she said to me but I think she is just being nice.
  8. IMTNT

    Where's andsome

    'er indoors caught him looking at pics from this forum. Banned for awhile but he will be back.
  9. IMTNT

    How to improve your broadband speed

    Mine seems plenty fast, I don't know why one would need anymore?
  10. IMTNT

    Here's one for andsome

    Yes it is and the avatar is delightful! I can't quite read it's lips but I think it's saying MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. IMTNT

    In The Mood

    I still love this time of year!
  12. IMTNT

    Sniffer Dog Detects Underground Water Leaks

    I suppose that works well in the city also. I usually find leaks due to a visual or sink hole.
  13. IMTNT

    What's the Best Home Printer?

    Do you like wasting colour ink that you never use?
  14. IMTNT

    What's the Best Home Printer?

    I will never buy a colour inkjet printer. Brother monochrome laser is the best.
  15. Still have the same even after a cumulative update for 1803.

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