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  1. IMTNT

    Why the hell not 22

    I wish she would slow down a little, I'm too old and getting dizzy. I could have been a painter
  2. IMTNT


    I have never understood the need for Thunderbird or any such program. Can't you go directly to your Virgin Media e-mail account?
  3. IMTNT

    Write A Ten Word Story

    The latest Windows update took forever but all is well
  4. IMTNT

    Should I try it, NO NO and thrice NO

    Really? The rest of what?
  5. IMTNT

    More good advice

    Philistine!!! Read a book...
  6. IMTNT

    Got any celebrity neighbours ?

    Yes, rich and famous brings out the worse in one, social media enhances it even more.
  7. IMTNT

    What are you having for dinner today?

    some what green is not a good colour for bacon chops
  8. IMTNT

    How to attract new members

    Who's "he"?
  9. IMTNT

    How to attract new members

    I must have clicked the wrong bookmark. I thought this forum is a place for exchanging information about life after retirement and having a chuckle and sharing it.
  10. IMTNT

    We're buying a replacement oven...

    Good thing you are not head of anything anymore.
  11. IMTNT

    More singing type stuff 2

    Dusty was a wild woman, left many men speechless
  12. IMTNT

    Write A Ten Word Story

    Belatucadrus has always had a fascination with young Asian girls
  13. IMTNT

    Cant view my own topic

    I think pops deleted it, I don't know why. Perhaps he tried to move it but failed.
  14. IMTNT

    Tune time part two

    Your posting of little East Asian girl videos is enough to run any old man away.
  15. I ran the Windows 10 Disk Cleanup utility today and it said I had around 3TB of Windows Updates that it could cleanup. My disk space is nowhere near that size but I ran it anyway. Took about an hour and the PC was getting hot, temp sensor and fans going crazy. It completed and I gained about 10GB of disk space with no problems. I run CCleaner about once a week. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen similar. I right clicked and ran as Administrator.

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