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  1. Just get the flash drive on your XP system, then double-click on the downloaded installers. Thanks Doraemon-san, but I think it's best If I just save up for a new pc with Windows 7 installed to save trouble. You've been a great help, Domo Arigatou!!~
  2. Did all I could and all that was suggested. It still refuses to work. Oh well, thank you for all of your assistance guys. I greatly appreciate you time and help. :) i'll just have to deal with ubuntu for now.
  3. Yes it is. Thank you for your suggestion. I will do that right away.
  4. I was giving you advice on Windows 7 because "Home Premium" does not exist as a version of Windows XP - that version of Windows only started with Vista and continued on into Windows 7.. Indeed, my fault. I meant Home Edition, not Premium. My apologies.
  5. Service packs was a dud. Now xp is in 4-bit resolution and I can't change it. Didn't solve the internet problem either...
  6. Alright guys, I'm going in! I'll do what sir Bludgard said and try downloading the new service packs first. I still have no clue how to install the Intel direct to the Optiplex. The driver from Dell is sitting pretty in my flashdrive right now, I just have to know where to go to install it. I"ll get back one the Service packs are in.
  7. Whoa whoa, I'm all for making you guys proud -thanks for helping me thus far- but we're gonna have to take baby steps here. I have no skill with computers at all. So far I've downloaded the driver, but how am I suppose to download it to Optiplex? Gahhh, I'm a lost sheep...
  8. I apologize for the wait. Took longer than expected to get the shots. I included the system info as well as the device manager info.
  9. The Optiplex GX260 and GX270 are very durable machines; I have both running since a very long time. However, I do not quite understand the 18gb part; is it the disk capacity? I am not sure if you can install Windows XP on 18GB. As for your problem, go to http://www.dell.com/...oductCode=False and download the Intel driver, then copy it (using a USB memory card) to the Optiplex and install it. That should take care of your Internet connection. Are there any other yellow marks in the Device Manager? Can you tell us which ones; perhaps provide a screenshot? The Windows XP you installed; is
  10. Machine is a 18gb Dell OptiPlexGX260 Home and Office edition.
  11. Umm, my topic says it's Windows XP, not Windows 7. I have XP installed (on dual boot) I'm just trying to get the internet to work on it. I've never purchased nor do I own a copy of Windows 7... My PC is an 18g Dell OptiPlex GX260. It has two usb ports in the front and four in the back. DVD/CD Drive and Floppy Drive located in the front. I'm using the PC currently, I'm just on the dual booted Ubuntu to get internet access. Linux automatically detects the modem, and doesn't have issues with internet connection. If I switch to XP I get the common desktop, but internet access doesn't work. Last
  12. If I knew how to I would. I'm not sure what the motherboard is. This is by no means a new desktop, though I bought it from an old uncle of mine in 2001. It had XP before, but after 3 years I got the blue screen of death and had to get another operating system. The Home Premium disk I got from Amazon only came with the packet, product key, and manual.
  13. Trying to get Windows back..*sniff* ;~;

  14. I'm currently running on Ubuntu Linux 11.10. I wanted to switch back to Windows so I ordered an installation disk that arrived today. I wiped out the Ubuntu partition and installed Windows. The installation went well, but when I tried to connect to the Internet, my Ethernet modem was not recognized. I called my Internet provider, Cox Communications, and they walked me through this process: Start --> Control Panel --> Network Connections. They wanted me to find the Local Area Connection (LAN) but it was missing. The representative said that I had incorrectly installed the hardware and t
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