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  1. Actually, there's 2 disks shown over there (which have connection with my hard disk), one shown the hard disk 1, which have down arrow symbol, and saying not initialize...and another saying cd-rom 7, which saying no media, and im pretty sure that is the main problem of this. I set a password for my hard disk, and the storage are still active, but the corrupted WD Unlocker are the one that make problem. It usually shown 'lock' symbol in my computer for me to set the password to access the hard disk content. But, that symbol just gone and replace with another, which basically lead to 'application not found' error. I have tried the WD Driver Utlity and trying to format it as my last source to solve the problem. You know what, it does not allowed me to format the hard disk as well! Now im doubt..
  2. I have a new Western Digital external hard disk, which be with me like 2 months. Well, here's the problem, when i tried to open the content, my computer cannot read the external hard disk. Then i waited for several minutes, it does appear on my my computer section, but it does not shows what it suppose to show (like the hard disk capacity meter and the name of the hard disk). All it tell is 'CD Drive (G:)', and when i double click on it, it tells 'application not found'. I have check it on device manager, it shown over there, but like what i said, i cant open it no matter what. I run auto play, also does nothing. Also i google most of the solution tell me to use Disk Management, which they give solution to change the drive letter, i done it, but still effect nothing. It still the same. I've tried on others computer, failed. I change the usb chord, including the usb booster, failed. The disk inside the device are still running/spinning, and most of WD hard disk have the tiny LED light that indicates its working if it blink so much, but for my problem, the LED light just flashing still motionless. Any solution for this other than formating it, because i cant format it as well! Please help, there's a lot of important task and assignment in there that i need to get it back. Please reply ASAP...thanks
  3. I guess linux mint is the best. I hope so. I don't want to use Windows 7 on my netbook as it make my PC laggy and pissed me off. Sometime there are viruses come to my netbook PC, then it takes a VERY LONG TIME to get rid it off as the power of netbook are not better as standard notebook or desktop PC.
  4. I just want to know how much i get for using a 1GB broadband data use. Thats all. Ok, i make the explaination become more clear. Facebook: I use it about 6 hours. You Tube: I watch videos about 6 to 13 time perday with the video radius about 5 to 30 minutes. The other pages are depends and i estimated about 7 to 14 time i open it. Torrent, i just asking if it really safe for download using data volume broadband as it can make you data volume drain fast. And also, is it true VPN like Hotspot Sheild can bypass the throlite speed after the broadband data volume ad been used up? Thats the main question. Thank you for feedback.
  5. Hey, just want a vote from all before i done it. -WHICH ONE IS THE MOST SUITABLE OPERATING SYSTEM BASED ON LINUX BASED OPERATING SYSTEM ON NETBOOK? 1)Ubuntu 2)Lubuntu 3)Jolicloud 4)Linux Mint Please suggest for me which of the four types of OS is best for my netbook NETBOOK PREFERENCE: Processor: Intel Atom RAM: 1GB GPU: Intel GMA 3150 Thanks for feedback.
  6. Mate, i don't think facebook had the malware or viruse anyway, only when there are any spam comment, or troll type one, you will get it. That is obviously not facebook false, but your daughter. For example, the virus link might be comes from the spam comment that asking you to click it to win something cool or else interesting. That is the first factor of how people gain viruses and malware from facebook, THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Another factor is the pages itself, it might be because of the advertisement and because that i hate very much this advert or else same as that. I used to install adblock plus to keep away myself from it. Another factor is because the hacker. Well, they can keep the viruses in somewhere your facebook profile and put it there until you trigger itself. This is beacuse the most facebook user use a very low and weak type password. You know, they used to put their name or nickname then with something number they like like their birthday, or birth year. example: JOHN1990. Something like that will cause problem to themself. I have open up so many peoples facebook, but not work as breaker or hacker, but to help them to solve any facebook issue thay got. They as, i do. And as i though, they use so many password jaust like that. Easy to hacker or breaker to get the password. So, obviously not facebook false for the virus, but the user itself. Then the torrent part. Because torrent client also have their own 'COMMENT SECTION', i used to refer that first to see any torrent response to see any MAD or HAPPY comment appear. If i see most of them put something happy on the comment, i will download the torrent. If not, i will definately leave it away. Thats how to prevent yourselft from downloading viruses or any spyware or malware in your computer. It is our own advantages to use the comment as the first review of the comment. Thats all. Thanks for the feedback even not answering my original answer.
  7. Microsoft Security Essential is the best antivirus. It has high detection on any viruses as it was the second best antivirus in the world. Well, the first are bitdefender, as you know, bitdefender are paid to be use for. So, i consider as MSE is the best of the best based on PC World Magazine and Cnet rating.We, i you had ebough money to paid for, i recomended also using bitdefender, because that antivirus is kickass very much. For free version, i recomended MSE.
  8. Hey, just wanna ask. I have doubt on this topic since i have my own broadband in my house. Here are the question: -As we can see, how many days or hours we can use the broadband data volume for 1GB(REGULAR VOLUME) and 20GB(HARDCORE VOLUME)? Ok, i would like to list somethiing i would like to do when i surf the web (NO ADULT SITE) 1)Facebook-->Recently, i just like to open it up just to check the notification and any news ahead. Also, i used to leave it still on9 as i go to other website. I open up the FB inestimated time about 6 hours (from 8pm to 1am) 2)You Tube--> I am also have my own you tube channel (Cursethephobia Kaban) and i recently go to this website. I used to watch videos in here and assemble my channel. I would watch about 8 to 14 videos in time with the video duration about 5 to 20 minutes. I also open this webpage as same duration as facebook. As my you tube close, the faceook also close. Then i go to sleep or whatever. 3)On the other website such as google, yahoo mail, Gmail, Y8, Y3 or else, i used to open up the page estimated in 7 to 13 time. I just guess. But that would not take much data volume i guess. 4)I also have torrent. Recently, i download many stuff with that. I would not use the torrent until the data volume had been used up and the speed become throlite (between 50kbps to 150 kbps) and let the 'snail speed' slowly download my torrent. But if i use the remaining data volume, IS THAT SAFE ENOUGH? please reply so tell me how many hours did i have for this type of data volume. Thank you. Next question also still doubt me. Also, i beg ya all to answer it for me. I would try anything. Thank you again. Ok, last question, i also had my PC expert advice (I DON'T REMEMBER HIS NAME), he tell me that, i can bypass the throlite speed if the data volume had been used up all of it using VPN(Virtual Private Network). Yes, i see many forums and many of them recomended using VPN to ensure your browsing experience runs normal. I have been tried it before, but i still don't confident about it. So, is that true usng VPN can bypass the throlite speed?
  9. Yeah, thats works better. But i not only watch you tube video, i also watch online movie and other online videos. But i have to watch it on one browser only. But anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I still use it. But now the problem solve itself. I have no idea how. :)
  10. Hey, just want to ask. I was doubt on fixing my You Tube buffering that always makes me pissed off everytime i wanted to watch online video. So heres the problem. I was watching one of You tube video and the buffering indicator are not moving. Even i had my internet speed flows really well (2 MBPS, so there gonna be unbuffering video i guess). Anyway, the wifi are only i use for my selft. The weird part of the video is, when i resume the video again, the grey buffering indicator are also run. But when i pause it, the gey indicator also being pause. Sometimes it just stuck somewhere in there. I just try to 'Ping Of Death' the server, to make sure the data pass without stuck, but the problem seems still. I also clear the cache like you tube help refer, but stull have the same problem. So, anybody?
  11. Maybe this is graphic card problem. The heavier the game was, the strugle you graphic card work to get the best performance. Blue Screen Of Death recently happen when there are malfunction to hardware somewhere in your PC. BSOD are happen to prevent you PC from being 'really death' as it somekind of Windows act to resque the PC from many problem. As that happen, please check your USB port, because i also have this kind of problem before and it said somekind of 'USB LOOK COMMAND' and it check my USB and theres my problem fix. In your case, this might be you GPU malfunction. Might be there are electrical expose like your GPU fan run really loud. This is called as 'OVERCLOCKING'. Overclocking are the main thing that make BSOD happen. So please check this component: -USB PORT -Your USB device -Any overclocking software in you PC (like RivaTurner or else) If you do, please tell us.
  12. Just for asking. Are my laptop ready to upgrade to windows 8. Here are my PC preference: CPU: AMD Dual-Core Processor E450 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6320 RAM: 2GB DDR3 memory HARD DISK: 500GB HDD Well, as there are only 2GB of RAM, of course it just support 32-bit windows. Am my laptop ready to upgrade?
  13. I would like to choose Professional. It is the most best and the best Windows 7 version that suits on every PC. (Either RAM in 1 GB or 2 GB. It runs great and the PC are not dizzying). I also recomended Ultimater version, but it seems like ultimate version are likely to updates, and that will be annoying whe you tried to surf the web. But it will make the ultimate version to keep maintain and stable all the time. Althoug, ultimate version are kind a late in startup. But you can tweak it like the other windows version. Home Premium are little bit light other than ultimate. Only it might have few feature in it. IDK about the price because it just taking Professinal one without have a look over HP and Ultimate. So, i really suggested youto have the Profesional one.
  14. I recomended you to using Microsoft Security Essential. It the official windows OS AV, and it is the second best anti-virus before BitDefender (BitDefender is paid to be use. I is the most powerfull AV ever, but, once you want to update it, you need to spend some money). Because that i recomended you to choose Microsoft Security Essential. It run smoothly on the background, even it scaning your pc, it does not effected your computer at all. It also had very sensitive detection Real-Time detection based on BitDefender.. I see most gamers will choose this AV, because it takes less memory than other AV. It does not affected your program at all. I also have use Avira AV, but it seems it take to much memory as well you want your PC run perfectly as it was. I wish this help, and you can donload the AV here: />http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/security-essentials-download HAVE FUN!
  15. Hey, just want to ask before i do. -I just know that, if we all use the VPN software and run in along side our computer, does it really give a normal internet connection if the data volume or qouta had been used all? You know, when your data volume of qouta had been used all of them, the internet speed will be throlite untile the very slowest internet speed. I had gone to other forum about VPN (Virtual Private Network), they suggest me many VPN software like CyberGhost, HotSpot Shield, Its Hidden, and many more. But some of them are paid and some of them are not. I have choose HotSpot Shield to be my VPN system. I have use someking of unlimited qouta broadband of my friend when i post this thread. Soon, i will give a try on my qouta broadband that i have bought. If these VPN do not throlite the speed of the internet after all of the data volume had been finished off, tell me if it's works. Thanks! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol:
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