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  1. Hey bludgard! You were right, the HDD had some corrupt blocks in it. I found this out when it crashed completely last week (hahaha!). It has been subsequently removed and my stability issues have dissipated. Lucky for me the drive only contained music and an Atari ISO of Robotron 2084. I have all my music on my tablet so it is just a matter of copying it all back onto my computer rather than ripping all those CD's again. Thanks again for your response, it is much appreciated. Cheers! John
  2. Hello Windows Forum! I took a quick look through a few pages of discussions but could not find anything similar to the problem I am currently having. As a quick intro, I'm a professional photographer. I edit in either Lightroom or Photoshop while either listening to music or watching movies on my 2nd screen. I know watching movies while working sounds counter-productive but once you hit 1am that small distraction helps me keep on working into the wee hours! What is happening? My music player will either glitch or crash completely as I do work. I originally thought it was because I was ru
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