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  1. I'm been networking for sometime now. 8-10 years. And I can't seem to setup workgroups in Windows 7 workgroup networks. I've been setting up the standard stuff up like ip settings and default gateways and other stuff but it doesn't seem to pick up devices on the network! It's got me stumped! Any ideas?
  2. Ok, originally i was trying to network two Windows 7 machines, a desktop and laptop. Now i've had total success with previous versions of Windows. Now after configuring the details of both machines like the Workgroup name and Ip addresses and etc. I had no luck. So to not be undone by this i resorted to try networking my Windows 7 desktop with a Windows 7 VM (Virtual machine). Now i've setup everything and from my desktop, i can ping and see the VM share and even create and add files to it folder. However, from the VM i cant access my desktop machine. It keeps saying the Network username and password are in correct. Even though I KNOW THEIR RIGHT! So whats going wrong? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. I've setup the basics, I.e: Ip address, default gateway, etc. But for the hell of me, it doesnt network! I cant see my desktop through my laptop and vice versa. Is it much different to network as it was from the XP days?
  4. Whats the best software to use for this intrusive code under Windows 7?
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