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  1. I have managed to fix this. Ended up sticking in my old Windows 7 dvd and booting up. Then selecting to Repair and restart. It now asks me on booting what OS to boot into. YAY!
  2. Hi AlanhHidd Hi AlanHo, Thanks for the link. Went through all the steps checking and confirming that I had followed the same procedure and I had. I booted from my DVD (burned ISO) upon reboot. Formatted the my partition (containing Vista) and kept my other partition untouched (containing Windows 7), then installed it onto that. My computer used to prompt me for either booting into Vista or Win7 and figured it would do the same except for Win7/Win8. I can still see all the files for Win7 on the other "drive" (partition) but cannot boot into it. I tried disabling Fast Startup like the article suggested but this made no difference. Any other pointers or info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hello, I had a 500gb disk split into a couple of partitions a small system partition, then approx. 220gb for window vista (original when purchased) and a windows 7 (later added). I recently purchased windows 8 and installed this to the vista partition, I formatted the partition during the install process. I wanted to keep my windows 7 and 8 with the OS selection when booting, but now when I boot it goes straight to windows. I have gone into the startup & recovery setting section under the advanced tab of the computer properties window, but while it says to display the list for 30 secs, when I try the dropdown box for a default OS there is only the windows 8 showing. Does this mean that my windows 7 is gone? When I look at the partition that it was on (shown as a separate drive under win8), it would appear that everything is still there. Is this a problem with MBR? HELP! Need to be able to dual boot back into my Windows 7 Thanks
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