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  1. I found 1 bad stick of RAM. Can anyone confirm if that is the problem based on that BSOD screenshot? I am wondering if I am missing anything else. So far the computer is working (no crashes) since taking that stick out. Thanks. PS: that image link is bad in the first post. Check this one:
  2. It sort of seems to be happening at random. I was running Photoshop when it happened, then Ableton music software, and then when I was running my anti-virus... Here is an attached image of the BSOD error:/>http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/6074/photohnv.jpg Any help would be great. PS: When I built this computer about 7 months ago, I had memory problems and was sent new sticks of memory. That's the only problem I've had so far with this rig.
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