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  1. Tried the SFC scan. And the "Windows Repair (All In One)" tool from that website you linked, none worked. Still have no Windows Installer.
  2. Unfortunately I do not have the Windows Installer service. http://prntscr.com/rh86x I'll try the SFC scan.
  3. Bah, I got real excited about that, looked like it'd work. When I tried installing something that required the Windows Installer service, it took a lot longer to fail than normal, but alas, fail it did. />http://prntscr.com/rgwui
  4. So for a long long time I've had problems with the Windows Installer service not being accessible and not letting me install things etc. However I remember I followed a guide to fix it and it just made things worse, the windows installer service was gone entirely. I've not really bothered looking for a fix because it's just become strenuous and I didn't particularly need anything installed at the time. Now I do however, and I've no idea where to begin. Some notes however. I use Windows Vista x64, but I didn't get an installation disc with my PC so I can't reformat it, nor do I know how to a
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