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  1. Between periods of work I'll play some music. It's easier to just have my media player open throughout my entire session rather than opening it every time I want to listen to 5 minutes of music. System refresh ? - do you mean a System Restore or a Restore back to Factory Settings ? I mean Windows 8's new "Refresh Your PC without Affecting Your Files" feature.
  2. A few weeks ago I did a system refresh on my Windows 8 (64bit) laptop and ever since Windows Media Player 12 has become a resource hogging nightmare. Just having WMP12 open (without even playing anything) causes my entire system to slowdown. This is especially noticable when web browsing (with any browser). Loading pages takes forever, and when I type in any text fields, on a message board for example, my cursor cannot keep up with what I am typing. Even without playing any music WMP12 memory consumption is around 800MB, with CPU usage sometimes hovering around 30%. I cannot for the life of me
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