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  1. Thank you for your response! Would you be able to elaborate on how I can use my second admin account to change the Admin permissions back? Would I still go into the Local Group Policy Editor? And how will I make sure that I'm fixing the privileges on the correct account? I'm really new at this, so the more details/steps, the better. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi, I am using Windows Server 2012. I went into the Local Group Policy Editor and changed some permissions in the Administrative Templates section. I didn't realize that this was making changes to the Admin account. Now the Admin account does not have the privileges to access the Control Panel (the command line shortcut "gpedit.msc" also does not work). So Admin can't even get into the Editor to reset the local group policies to their defaults. I want to bring them back to default. I do have another admin account on that server, so is there a way I can use that to fix the modified Admin accou
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