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  1. Do you mean that the thumbnail images are not showing? You can try this. (Control Panel > System and Security > System > Change Settings > Advanced tab > Performance) I forget what the option is off hand, but there is a checkbox that enables a preview of thumbnail images. If you refreshed your system, then perhaps some features were disabled to help speed up performance.
  2. Unfortunetly, I do not. The earliest I can go back in the Sytem Restore is November 1st. I can try out TrendMicro, and see how that works though. Thanks.
  3. I am facing so many problems with my computer and I'm desperate to figure out what could be causing them. Some might be unrelated to my computer, but if more and more keep coming up, then I may need to consider it. I am using Windows 8.1. Problems with Avast At first, I wasn't able to update Chrome with Avast's software updater, and then I wasn't even able to scan my computer. Lost Internet One day, I completely lost my internet, but the icon on the lower right side of the screen said I was connected. Thankfully I was able to get it back because I used a System Restore, but I still have no idea of what could've caused it. New Bug in Illustrator I've been using Illustrator on this computer for a while now, and I never faced any issues. Suddenly, a selection box stays stuck on created text, and I am then unable to edit it. Unable to Launch Microsoft Publisher When I try to launch it, a dialog pops up and says "The program can't start because MSVCR90.dll is missing from your computer." I have no idea what that is. Duplicates of Videos I used Screencast-O-Matic to make a screencast video. When I exported it to my desktop, two copies of the video were created. This never happened before. Problem with Chrome I was on DeviantArt trying to send a note to a friend, but I was told that I timed out. I then decided to just leave it as comment on his profile, and the same thing happened. I did the same in Opera, and I had no issue. Thumbnail Text look Different Today when I booted up my computer, the files on my desktop looked different. They usually have a shadow behind them. Today, they were just plain white. I double checked the settings (Control Panel > System and Security > System > Change Settings > Advanced tab > Performance), and "Shadow Over Mouse" was not checked off as it usually is. I changed it back, but I don't know how that setting changed in the first place. I didn't change it. Some of these issues may not be related to my computer and some may seem so minor, but I'm afraid that more and more will come up. Three of these issues happened just today. I want to know what could be causing this. Earlier, Avast said that my computer was at risk. Right now it says that I'm protected, but I don't believe it because there are so many new changes I'm facing.
  4. This program is working out great. I chose to scan all locations and I had the scan go on over night, and I'm finding all of my old files again. Thank you! I really didn't think I was going to get them back. It's so much better than the other programs I used which were trial versions. So happy!
  5. I was transferring 32GB of files from one flash drive to another. During that process, my computer crashed and shut down unexpectedly. When I powered back on, there were many files missing that were not in the folders they were supposed to be in; in neither of the flash drives. I tried several recovery programs, but I had no luck yet. They all seem to find the ones that were transfered, not necessarily deleted or corrupted. I know that the chances of getting them back are very rare, but is there any way at all? I had so many files. If I have to pay for a good program, then I'll pay. The price doesn't madder to me. I just need to find a way to get the files back. I'm pretty desperate. Is there any solution at all?
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback. That page you linked me to, I never heard of Better Explorer. I will be digging that for sure.
  7. Hey, fellas. Long time no talk, I have Windows 8 but it is giving me way too many bug issues. I can't even activate software or set an image to my desktop. And I had to contact Microsoft because my product key wasn't working. And so I am thinking of going back to Windows 7. However, I do love the look and feel of Windows 8. I would like to know if anyone knows a way to set Windows 7 up a lot like Windows 8. I love the new File Explorer, skin theme, smoother taskbar, and stuff like that. (The tiles screen and corner menus are the only features I don't really have interest in.) Now I have found a few Windows 8 themes for Windows 7, but I want to double check everything here. What would be the "safest" way to do this operation? And also, does anyone know if Windows 8 File Explorer can be installed for Windows 7?
  8. Back in post number 10, it was suggested that you try contacting the support for this product, here: http://www.gtk.org/support.php Did you try it? It would seem that no one to date has any experience of this software. So, if you have not already done so, perhaps you should try the software support - not the YouTube option. That's okay. And yes, I did try it out. It appears that the only way to contact GTK is through a help forum. I left a topic, and it was left untouched sadly. If people here do not have experience with it, then it's no biggie. I'm just looking for information. Thank you for your feedback. But I will ask everyone something else since I'm not having any luck with GTK. Would anyone happen to know of alternative shells for Windows 7? (A shell is the overal appearence of an operating system.) I did a Google and DuckDuckGo search, but I still have yet to know what's good. If you don't know, don't worry about it. Like I said, I'm just looking for information.
  9. I'll be following the topic fine. If anyone has any advice on the matter, please do not let our debate stop you. Any feedback, helpful or not, is appreciated.
  10. Maneman, you have no clue what you're talking about, as you have a very impatient attitude. If you truly care about being helpful, then address cases maturely. I believe I already said that I wasn't here for the fun of things, so there is no need to get wise. As for saying that I'm pumping up the forum space, you just created a giant hate post with fibbing information. That YouTuber didn't say anything againt me. You just made that up. In fact, he was being very nice to me. That entire post of yours isn't being very loyal to your point. Besides, I already explored into those two links. I left a topic in the contact section. No one replied. And that link that the YouTuber left still doesn't get into the specs of what my concern is.
  11. Are you a software developer who understands operating systems behind the GUI? I don't think that's being rude. I just found it unnecessary for that other person to assume I'm here for the fun of things and not for help. If I misread the message, I'm sorry. To answer your question, no. I am not a software developer, but I was hoping I could learn from the right resources. I did manage to dualboot my computer by watching YouTube videos and reading articles. So I thought I could learn this as well.
  12. It appears that I said my problem started at 3:00. That was my mistake. I'm having trouble finding the variables at 3:58. The user says to plug in GTK and GTK pixbuf as the variables, but this is where my trouble is being faced. In my "Enviroment Variables" window, I have TEMP and TMP as my only variables while he has a bunch. I do not get GTK or GTK pixbuf´╗┐ by default in the list. I've been talking to him, and neither of us know what is going on. Can anyone help? Nevertheless, neither of us know what will happen if I do not plug in the variables.
  13. 1 Did it become any clearer by 5.00 ? 2 Have you asked solutions from the original poster of the YouTube video ? 3 Are you here just to pump up the postings on this particular forum ? 4 Can you state the definitive answer that you would wish to receive ? 1. I admit, I stopped watching it, when it didn't make sense to me. I don't want to do the wrong thing and mess up my computer. 2. I have not. YouTubers seem to reply once per question I ask on other videos. And I already left a comment on this one. 3. Please don't be rude to me. I'm here because I won't be given help elsewhere. 4. I want to know what the user did at 3:00 and how he did it, so I know what I'm doing to my computer.
  14. I have Windows 7, and I downloaded the package from this webpage. http://www.gtk.org/download/win32.php I clicked the link that said "All in one Bundle." Basically, it's a desktop envireoment for cross platforms. I think KDE also does that. Anyway, this is the website. http://www.gtk.org/ The reason I didn't post any links is because I thought I read in the rules that links to software are against the terms. My mistake. Anyway, I was following along with this YouTube video on how to install GTK, but this guy goes a bit too fast for me. At 3:00, I don't understand why we rename the extracted directory. And I don't understand what he did afterwards with the System Properties panel. I am all good up until this point. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD9jdmtG1gM
  15. I downloaded the GTK "All in one Bundle" from their website, and later had trouble figuring out how to install it. This is what I did. I have the zipped folder on my desktop. I right clicked on it and extracted all files to my desktop. So now, I have two folders there, the zipped and extracted. I don't have the slightest clue with what to do next. I thought that extracting the files would create a setup icon. I've been trying to research into the process, but I'm not understanding anything. Would anyone be able to help me?
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