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  1. Thanks for your reply ɹəuəllıʍ ʇɐb. I don't know the answer to your question to be honest. The most I have been able to work out it that I should be able to view and move files between my computers simply by enabling file sharing on each machine, which doing so hasn't done anything. Someone suggested a Firewall issue, but here's the reply I gave on another forum about it: Tried again with Firewalls reset. Enabled file share on the HP laptop, Vista desktop and XP laptop, then went to share my entire folder on each machine that contains sub files pictures, music, videos etc. Ran the Ne
  2. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but I am having immense problems trying to set up a network using my router to share, transfer & stream files between computers and Android tablets. Searching the internet has had me going round in circles, with the most common answer being to enable file sharing on the devices & that will magically make everything work. It hasn't! I'll start with the devices I have already tried, then add the devices I would also like to add: Thomson 858 router (supplied by ISP) Desktop PC, Windows Vista Home Premium connected via ethernet Toshiba
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