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  1. PROBLEM FIXED! Finally, i discovered the source of the problem. It was TrueImage 2013 that affected the windows explorer and the whole pc ( its a program used to clone a driver).
  2. Exactly, it does that all the time. If i open windows explorer from Computer then computer appears also in the left pane but if i open it from documents only libraries favorites and homegroup appears. The thing is that i want full left pane. I mean with everything like Documents/Recent Places/Videos/Music/Downloads etc. Picture 1 is when i have opened the pc with left pane fine but Computer not opening. Picture 2 is with the left pane problem.. No full shortcuts only Homegroup/Favorites/Libraries Picture 3 Problem with Recycle Bin icon Picture 4 Problem with Control Panel that does
  3. Can someone help me with my problem or should i just re-install Windows 7 ?
  4. This is 2 pictures I cant put all of them together. I get a message that my files are too big sorry:(
  5. I don't see any images; just links to an external website. If you have something to show us, post it directly here in the forum, not on some dubious 3rd-party website. sorry but i'm a new member here and i just found this forum. I dont know how to directly upload the photos here. Please if you dont mind can you please send me a PM? thank you
  6. Hi, I experience a problem with my Windows Explorer lately. When I open the pc everything seems to work fine in windows explorer but after some minutes the navigation pane is empty showing only Favorites, Libraries and Homegroup. When i try to open the Computer the windows explorer doesnt react and it just shows a blank page. Same happens when I open Control Panel for some reason and it only has a blank page. The icon of some files is missing and when i delete all files from Recycle Bin the icon disappears. I try to reload the desktop but the Icon of the Recycle Bin will be still blank. Moreov
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