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  1. Well all I do is creating a image of my C: drive and re mounting it on the D: one ? (weird sentence...)
  2. Hello ! I recently bought a new pc and I made the mistake of installing windows on my littlest hard drive... Is there a way of moving it on to my other one without losting any data of both ? Thanks ! Screen : http://hpics.li/337ea96
  3. OK thanks ! I won't be needing any key ? cause I think I lost my PC notice where it was
  4. Hi ! I've got a laptop (ASPIRE 7551G by ACER) with windows 7 factory installed (so no installation CD) and I'd like to resotre it to it's factory settings (I'm afraid there are a lot of junk on it and I don't need any files on it anymore, so it's ok if everything is removed) Is there a way ? Thanks !!
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