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  1. As far as I am concerned this has been resolved! I am not sure how, or even if I can, mark it as such. So if a moderator could assist me in doing so I would appreciate it very much. John
  2. 1) I seem to remember someone on a forum saying he was running Outlook 2003 on a computer with the Windows 10 Operating System and that all of its functions were working. I have had Outlook 2003 since it first come out I and I installed it on my Laptop when it was purchased three years ago. I haven't been using it because I use Outlook Express Classic Free, which serves my needs. But, I recently though I would see if it still worked. I can send emails but I can't receive them. So at least in my case it isn't compatible. Basically I was just curious. 2) I have not read this particular article but I will. Thanks for replying, I appreciate it. Note: Why there is still interest in old technology? Most likely it is because people purchased the old software when they needed and used it daily and now hate to buy newer software to do what the older did satisfactorily plus they only need to use it periodically.
  3. Just curious, is anyone using Microsoft Outlook 2003 with Windows 10. I know they said the two or not compatible but sometimes strange things happen. Thanks in advance for any replies. John
  4. Until recently I was using Hard Disk Sentinel as my heat monitoring software; I am only interested in being able to look at my system tray and seeing what my hard drive heat temperature is. The software I had was from a giveaway and until it is again offered as a giveaway, it seems to be given away often, I am looking for a similar software. If any members would have any recommendations I would appreciate hearing from them. As always I will appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  5. As far as I am concerned my post has been answered; is there something I need to do to mark it as answered? If someone could advise me I would appreciate it very much.
  6. Have any other forum members been experiencing problems with Firefox and Chrome loading? Today is the second time I have experienced this problem while not having any difficulty whatsoever with Opera. I realize networks are experiencing more traffic now than before and also that Firefox and Chrome are more popular than Opera. Today when I downloaded the new version of Firefox, I was using Opera at the time, I couldn't even install the program. It would install probably 95% than would give me a message that it couldn't finish the installation. When I tried again later in the evening the new program installed as normal with no problems. Just curious if others are also having this difficulty. If not I suppose it may have something to do with my provider. Wednesday and Thursday my internet speed was not near as high as normal and I excused that to high internet traffic. Anyway, just asking. As always I will appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance.
  7. Thanks for replying Boris, I will do as you suggested. I have added "https//www.speedtest.net" as a speed test provider. Most likely I do not a problem but I will keep my eye on it. I just want to be sure I get what I am paying for. Thanks again.
  8. My internet provider is Spectrum and the program I have is supposed to give me a download speed of 15 mbps. I periodically take advantage of the speed tests provided by Spectrum. Curious how a speed test can vary when you do two in a row, one right after the other. Usually the first speed test will test lower and the one after will test higher. I seldom download files but when I do I would like to know it is at the download speed I am paying for. Anyone else, experience this?
  9. Attempting to add a "Recovery Software Program to my system and was hoping for suggestions or recommendations. As I wouldn't expect to use the software often I am looking for a free or very inexpensive program. I have looked at "Recuva" but it seems to be very difficult, at least to me, to find specific deleted files. Part of this problem is I have a one terabyte laptop and "Recuva" returns all files just not the deleted ones and I haven't figured out how to zero in on only the deleted files. I have no doubt there is a way I just haven't found it yet. Regardless, if any of our members knows of a simple to use, accurate program, I would very much appreciate their sharing the name and their experience with,the program. As always I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  10. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it; I am currently using Efficient Sticky Notes, a basic program but it seems to fill my needs. I was just curious as to what others might be using. Again thanks...
  11. Any of our members using a post-it program; and if so, would you recommend it to other members? As always I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  12. Curious as to what App Manager, forum members are using. I currently use File Hippo, any other members use it? If so, are you scanning any area of your drive other than the default? My operating system is Windows 10 Home and my applications are in two areas, Program Files and Program Files (x86). I was wondering if anyone using File Hippo was scanning the entire drive and if so how time consuming it was. I don't have much experience with App Managers so would appreciate your input. As always I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  13. -pops- I was using the free Grammarly Firefox browser extension; and I was only using it for Facebook comments simply because one other member is a retired English teacher who has nothing better to do but find fault with other members grammar and spelling. Regardless I am now using Language Tool which has proven to be satisfactory. Grammarly support may very well have been after me to upgrade to the paid version but why anyone would pay for a program when the free version didn't work is beyond me. Take Care...
  14. Boris, I appreciate your reply. I don't believe After the Deadline is compatible with Firestone Quantum. -pops-, Thank you for your reply. Grammarly is working just fine on my desktop computer, its operating system is Windows XP Pro, it is acting up on my laptop which has Windows 10 Home. Gandalph, Thanks. And while I agree with your observation I am coming to the conclusion that my problem is due to the different operating systems. Which may explain the lack of support from Grammarly. John
  15. Asking for recommendations for a very good free or paid grammar checker add-on that is compatible with Firefox Quantum 64-Bit. Was using Grammarly for Firefox and was very happy with it particularly when writing comments on Facebook. But, after a few days for some reason it stopped working. Contacting their support didn't help. I am currently using Language Tool and while it works pretty well I was hoping for something more like Grammarly for Firefox. If any Forum Members have recommendations based on their personal experience I would like hearing from them. As always I will appreciate all replies, and would thank you in advance. John
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