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  1. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it; I am currently using Efficient Sticky Notes, a basic program but it seems to fill my needs. I was just curious as to what others might be using. Again thanks...
  2. Any of our members using a post-it program; and if so, would you recommend it to other members? As always I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  3. Curious as to what App Manager, forum members are using. I currently use File Hippo, any other members use it? If so, are you scanning any area of your drive other than the default? My operating system is Windows 10 Home and my applications are in two areas, Program Files and Program Files (x86). I was wondering if anyone using File Hippo was scanning the entire drive and if so how time consuming it was. I don't have much experience with App Managers so would appreciate your input. As always I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  4. -pops- I was using the free Grammarly Firefox browser extension; and I was only using it for Facebook comments simply because one other member is a retired English teacher who has nothing better to do but find fault with other members grammar and spelling. Regardless I am now using Language Tool which has proven to be satisfactory. Grammarly support may very well have been after me to upgrade to the paid version but why anyone would pay for a program when the free version didn't work is beyond me. Take Care...
  5. Boris, I appreciate your reply. I don't believe After the Deadline is compatible with Firestone Quantum. -pops-, Thank you for your reply. Grammarly is working just fine on my desktop computer, its operating system is Windows XP Pro, it is acting up on my laptop which has Windows 10 Home. Gandalph, Thanks. And while I agree with your observation I am coming to the conclusion that my problem is due to the different operating systems. Which may explain the lack of support from Grammarly. John
  6. Asking for recommendations for a very good free or paid grammar checker add-on that is compatible with Firefox Quantum 64-Bit. Was using Grammarly for Firefox and was very happy with it particularly when writing comments on Facebook. But, after a few days for some reason it stopped working. Contacting their support didn't help. I am currently using Language Tool and while it works pretty well I was hoping for something more like Grammarly for Firefox. If any Forum Members have recommendations based on their personal experience I would like hearing from them. As always I will appreciate all replies, and would thank you in advance. John
  7. Currently I have installed on my system 1) Adobe Flash Player 19 NPAPI, 2) Adobe Flash Player 18 ActiveX and 3) Adobe Shockwave Player 12.2. Is it necessary for all of these to be on my system? If not, which ones would you recommend I remove. I should add I am still using Windows XP Professional, 32 bit, and I use primarily Firefox as my browser. As always I would appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  8. Does anyone know of a free software program to create fillable pdf forms? I believe I am going to have a need to do this in the next few months or so. I would prefer to have a software program rather than using an online service. Hopefully someone will of had the need to do this themselves and suggest a software program and their personal experience with it. As always I appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  9. With the help from another forum I was able to acomplish what I was trying to do. Answers from the GIMP forum were a little over my head. Most I have done regarding pictures is to use the brightness and contrast tools. To delete backgrounds and add object to another file was very challenging for me.
  10. I have GIMP 2, version 2.8.10 installed. Recently I viewed a tutorial on how to merge an object from one file into another file; looked very easy to do. But when I tried everything went fine until it was time to copy and paste the object (transparent background) into the other file. The 2 files I was using was png. If anyone can give me a hand I would appreciate it. As always I would appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance. John
  11. ɹəuəllıʍ ʇɐb To my limited knowledge Express Web 4, requires the user to have knowledge of html and css as it is not a WYSIWYG editor, Sharepoint Designer 2007 is more in tune with FrontPage 2003 as it allows the user use of WYSIWYG. Regardless, I am not abe to install Sharepoint Designer 2007; even though I am the administrator Sharepoint Designer 2007 informs me I do not have permission to a specific register file. I understand that there are different versions of Windows 7 do you know if all versions would allow me to use FrontPage 2003? If not which version would I have to purchase? Thanking you in advance. John
  12. Boris, thank you so much for your reply; I have yet to install the program and was just curious. I do volunteer work for our local Air National Guard Family Readiness Group and I designed and manage a website in FrontPage 2003. Currently my operating system is Windows XP Pro and I am considering installing Windows 7 in the very near future. I have been told that yes Frontpage 2003 will work in Windows 7 and no FrontPage 2003 will not work in Windows 7. From what I hear Sharepoint Designer 7 does work in Windows 7 and I haven't heard anyone say it doesn't. Big question is do you know of any members who designed websites in FrontPage 2003 moving to Sharepoint Designer 2007 and if so do you know if they experienced any significant difficulties. Thanking you in advance. John
  13. I recently downloaded the free Sharepoint Designer 2007 from the Microsoft web site. Does anyone know if this downloaded included any Service Packs? The download was 295MB in size.
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