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  1. Enable USB in the BIOS. Maybe Boot Options > browse around for USB settings > Enable > Save settings and exit. Where's the BIOS?
  2. Well I tried it, but it says that it requires a floppy disc or a USB, yet I have a 700 MB CD inserted. Safe Mode doesn't detect USBs or external devices though. Any way to get past this?
  3. I It asks me for a username and password. I have no password. My laptop is set to be connected to a domain. My username is owner, my PC's name is owner-PC, so what do I put for my username?
  4. Okay, so I do that, click "Repair my computer," but it requires me to type in a username and password. My laptop is set to be connected to a domain, my username is owner, and my PC's name is "owner-PC" so what do I put for my username? I have no password by the way.
  5. F-8 > Repair Your Computer > Dell Factory Image Restore. Where can I find F-8? system32, or do I press it?
  6. Umm I don't really know. It's Inspiron though, and it's also Dell. It also says Anatel on the laptop.
  7. So a few months ago I downloaded Windows Defender and Windows Defender offline onto the worst laptop ever (my laptop). I downloaded Windows Defender, and it told me that a virus was detected that could only be fixed by downloading Windows Defender Offline onto a USB. So I downloaded it to my USB and booted to it. Windows Defender Offline detected a "virus" and asked me if the program could remove it, and I said yes. When it removed it, I shut down the PC and rebooted. When I rebooted though, the Blue Screen of Death would come up for a split second after bootup, and the system rebooted. This happens all the time, and now the only way I can access this computer is through Safe Mode. In the past few months, I've been backing up all 100 GB or so of my files onto a cloud storage website. I'm finally done and ready to reset this computer to system default. The problem is, I don't know how to do that on Vista Safe Mode. Can anyone tell me how?
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