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  1. I am having a strange hardware problem with my computer lately where it freezes while doing any major processing. By freeze, I mean that it totally dead locks up. No mouse, no keyboard, unable to CTRL+ALT+Delete just dead in the water until I restart. The freezing comes after about 10 minutes of standard usage. It won't freeze if the computer is left alone not doing anything. When it is being used to do stuff it will freeze after about 10 minutes. I know that this is a hardware issue because this freeze problem happens regardless of whether Windows is running or not. I tried running Memte
  2. I have been having a problem with a computer, where it's been randomly switching to a blue screen and restarting under a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error. I was told by the person who uses that computer that it has always had this problem since shortly after it was first purchased. I discovered while running the program Memtest86 for a few hours that there are some memory errors in the computer. I've been trying to determine which of the two RAM cards is the one containing the errors, but I'm seeing the strangest thing. The memory errors only exist while both cards are present. In trying to det
  3. Hey Everybody, Stupid question, but is there a limit to the number of Ethernet Cards that can be included in a Windows 7 computer? I'm looking to add a third Ethernet card to a computer that has enough PCI slots to support that many, but I've never seen a computer that has had more then two. Is there a limit set by Windows on how many network connections it will recognize? - Jonathan Henderson
  4. So, I recently got a new computer from Dell and it was a Windows 7 (64 bit) computer. I purchased it to replace a computer we already have running, but there is one application that just isn't compatible. The program is called Power-Link. It's a DOS program that reads log files and generates reports based on the files. It's a pretty simple program. It's a program that was designed for the radio industry which means there isn't really a market to shop for alternatives. We've been stuck with it. Anyways, the problem I've been having is that Windows has officially taken the stance that the Wi
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