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  1. Agent Smith

    Static IP's and DHCP Server

    Hello Raddy, The actual act of manually setting an IP address on your network interface, will disable it from getting a DHCP address. When you open the properties for your TCP/IP connection, you will see that you have two options "Obtain an IP Address Automatically", which is basically telling your machine to get an address via a DHCP server, or "Use the Following IP Address" which is where you set it manually. Manual settings will not be overwritten by external sources such as a DHCP server. You should however, in an ideal world, set your DHCP server (in your case the router) to only issue addresses in a range above that which you will set manually. So, assuming your router uses an internal address of 192.168.1.x you should set it to use - for DHCP addresses, leaving you to use the rest ( - remember that the router will be for manually assigned addresses.
  2. Agent Smith

    Thought for today - 21 April

    Hello expertec, yep has been a while. But I see some things still have not changed :( Ahh well, I hope all is well with everyone.
  3. Agent Smith

    Thought for today - 21 April

    Aha, but what if people have been there but no one has returned?
  4. Agent Smith

    IP Addresses

    I use NTL and can confirm that they do NOT use static addresses. In practice, I find mine does not change very often, but it does change occasionally. If you are in the habit of turning off your connecting device (either set top box, or cable modem) on a regular basis, then your IP will change more frequently. Hope that helps.
  5. Agent Smith

    Happy Birthday!

    Ooppps... This is not a late birthday wish, but an early one for next year :blink: Happy Birthday the pair of you, and also to r4may :birthday: :cheers2: :group: :groupwave: :partyman: :birthday: :group: :cheers2: :birthday:
  6. Agent Smith

    ntl broadband

    Hi pwp, I use an older linksys with NTL and I have the "obtain IP Automatically" option set on mine, which would equate to "auto config dhcp" from your list. I do have your other options as well as some more, but these are not used. AS
  7. Agent Smith

    The REPORT button

    I voted other, because I think it should be relocated and also renamed. It should have its old title of "Report to a Moderator" and be relocated next to the post number.
  8. Agent Smith

    Synthetic/Software printer server

    Hi leanmoha, yes this is completely possible. Here are some examples Netgear Print Servers
  9. Agent Smith


    Hmmm, tough one this. Yes we really need to have a look at the way we vote, but I do not feel that PR is the correct way to go. I would be happy to be corrected, but I think you will find that in all the countries which use PR, it does not benefit the country because it is almost impossible for a single party to gain total control. Now whilst some of you may think that that is a good thing, in general it causes more problems because everybody's policies need to be watered down and concessions made in order to get them voted in. Whether you agree with them or not, you are actually better off when a government is able to fully implement the policies it feels are what it needs to do. At least this way, it is clear when they fail to work, and then another government can be given a chance. However, this is where the problem arises. In my opinion, there are far too many people in the UK who do not actually know what they are voting for, but simply vote what they have always voted, or due to the area they live in, what they are expected to vote for. I think it would make for a very interesting experiment, if we could re-stage the general election, but this time not tell anybody the names of the candidates, or the parties they represent. Simply give the electorate a list of policies etc. that the candidates supposedly stand for, and a random number, then ask them to vote on this. I suspect that we would have a totally different outcome. Also, surely it is time we stopped these stupid candidates. In some areas, seats were won with very small majorities, which may have been different had the 257 idiots who voted for the looneys actually thought about their vote. I think that whilst some will scream about their civil liberties, it is time to get rid of the idiots. At the risk of upsetting some of you, I should stress that this would not include people like the BNP. As much as I detest these people and most of what they stand for, they do have genuine political agendas. Then we have the idea of compulsory voting. Well, in my opinion, if this is made law, then we have to have some way of expressing dissatisfaction whereby deliberately spoilt papers are counted and taken into consideration. Perhaps MP's would be far more considerate to the voices of the people, if there was a genuine chance that the seat could be left vacant as the result of an election. I do not have any answers as to what we really should be doing, but I think we are going to get some interesting comments.
  10. Agent Smith

    Fancy a game of cards.....?

    Without going back to check, name any aces you saw :blink: :D
  11. Agent Smith

    Is This The Way To Amarillo

    Hey expertec, and anybody else with this opinion, I found this on another Forum you might find interesting :D Other Comments
  12. Agent Smith

    Happy Birthday Gandalph

    Ooppps, Sorry Gandalph I missed it. Happy Birthday anyway, I hope you had a great day. :birthday: :cheers2: :clapping: :birthday: :group: :groupwave: :cheers2: :birthday:
  13. Agent Smith

    Flash git

    Dang.. That looks just like one of our server rooms at work :blink:
  14. Agent Smith

    The prediction game!

    Correct. I predict that the next person will claim this prediction is wrong. :huh: :blink:
  15. Agent Smith

    Do you or don't you.........

    You all have nobody to blame other than yourselves :( I am now 41, and for the past 20 odd years, I have always made my own mothers/fathers day cards and gifts. Not only do I not waste money on needless junk, but I (and I believe my parents) get far more joy from the giving of these gifts than if I were to simply pop into a shop and give the matter no thought. I should also add, why only give a card or gift to your parents on the respective "official" day? I can guarantee that most mothers will always appreciate a bunch of flowers or a nice home baked cake :D

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