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  1. Many thanks cozofdeath, I'll have a look at what you suggest and see what turns up. There has been no warning at all, no pop ups; no error messages on screen, just shuts down. Since posting the problem it has been behaving itself, but then, I haven't been using it quite as much which could also explain why it has been behaving.
  2. Hi pops Been through the event viewer and can't find anything in particular, one problem is that I can't remember the time exactly, and the way everything is listed I would need to know the exact time. I'll just have to wait for it to happen again, make a note of the time then look it up.
  3. Hi pops, There is nothing in the Event Viewer to give any indication, except for two entries marked 'error' Win 32 Time, event 29. But I'm not sure if the time shown is the same time that it turned off, it was somewhere close but I can't be certain. Next time it does it then I'll note the time and have another look. It has always done it when I have been in the middle of doing something so I wouldn't think it has anything to do with the power saving mode, in any case I've got all them set to 'never'.
  4. Since my computer has gone belly up I have been using my wife's, she only uses it to play games on for a couple of hours a day anyhow. As such I don't know how long it has had this problem, simply because she never has it on long enough. After it has been runing for 2 to 3 hours it suddenly closes down. By that I mean the monitor goes off, so does the activity light, all that is left is the green light. All I can do is hold the power button in to switch off, wait a little while then switch back on again. Everything will be alright then for a while. The only thing I can think of is that it is p
  5. Having carried out no end of tests suggested elsewhere, the conclusion has been reached the it is almost definitely the motherboard gone belly up. Never mind, nothing lasts for ever, though being only 3 years old I would have expected a bit longer. Many thanks to all who replied.
  6. Many thanks scarcrowman. Using the boot disk is worth a try, I've nothing to lose afterall. I'm rather inclined to agree with you about the motherboard, pity, it's only 3 years old. I'll try the boot disk first though before I dash out to buy a new motherboard. My local, friendly computer shop said ore or less the same thing about it. No harm in hoping though.
  7. Another idea has occured to me, with all these ideas I keep getting maybe I should give up having them, is there a way to format the hard drive without having to use the XP CD? So I can make a completely fresh start on clean drive?
  8. Hi cozofdeath, thank you for your reply. The reinstall was successful and I was busy getting things back to the way I wanted, it was working during the evening but when I tried to start up the following morning I was met with the Log On box, swiftly followed by another box telling me the account was restricted and wouldn't let me go any further. Getting carried away, after I had tried everything else I could think of, I decided to go back to square one and do a fresh reinstall. Wrong. It got part way through and the up came the dark blue screen telling me that it had detected a problem and wou
  9. In addition to my last post. It has been suggested that the problem could well be either the RAM contacts were dirty, or with the graphics card. I have taken the RAM out, cleaned it though it was new only 2 or 3 weeks ago, but instead of putting the new 1GB back, I put in the old 2 x 256MB sticks. Couldn't do much about the graphics as it is onboard, VIA/S3G. Connected the computer up and first off got a message on the monitor that there was no signal, this was followed my a distinct smell of burning so I very swiftly switched off. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions a bit too fast but after goin
  10. That could well be it, I didn't give that a thought. Before doing the reinstall there was an Administrator account; one in my name, and another for a guest. Now there is only the one, Administrator account, nothing else. So the great big question now is, how the heck do I get round that? If I can't get past the Log On box then I can't change anything, or can I?
  11. I'm inclined to agree with you that I've made things worse. OK, many thanks for your reply, I will give me something to work at tomorrow, too late tonight I think. I'll report back when I'm done, thanks again.
  12. Thank you alan, I fitted a new Crucial 1GB RAM only about 3 weeks ago, I'll change it back to the old ones and see what happens. As to maybe a problem with drivers, I can't do much about that seeing as I cannot get into Windows. I've even tried to go back to square one and do a fresh reinstall, I can't, it comes up with a message that Windows has detected a problem and will close to prevent damage to the computer.
  13. A few days ago I had to do a reinstall of XP, with SP2. All was well right up to when I switched off last night. Come to start up this morning and up comes the box to type in my password, which I don't have, before I can click on OK though up pops another little box with the message > Log on message. Unable to log you on because of an account restriction<. I tried to boot from the Windows CD, that did not do any good, though I must have hit set up at some time while I was going through the various options, as I ended up with the following message > A problem has been detected and Win
  14. For reasons I don't really need to go into just now, I've had to do a complete reinstall of XP Home, with SP2. I should add that I haven't got around to downloading all the updates yet from Microsoft. I don't know how it came about exactly but I've ended up with the O.S. installed on a partition (F) as well as on the main partition ©. All I can think of is that while it was doing it's own thing I clicked somewhere when I should not have clicked and instead of wiping C I installed XP on F. And I'll say it before anybody else, I'm a ****** fool. So I ended up with C untouched and had to start fr
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