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  1. Try this solution to your webcam problem

  2. Ok, if it isnt one thing , it's another. First it was a video problem about the color, that is ok now , after doing a System Restore. Now its the webcam stopped working. I accepted the Windows 10 Updates this morning. After that , the webcam worked like expected , once. Then I tried it again, no go. The webcam is a Logitech c270 , microphone and webcam combined, if thats any help.Anyway, I try to open it again, it says : Launcher_Main . exe has stopped working. Windows will notify you if a solution is found,etc. Could that update made a change in the registry , etc ? I wanted to post this on here, because I didnt want to possibly make it worse .All help appreciated.
  3. That clip sent to me played perfect, normal color and all. Make it Johnny Cash next time ?? lol. I did not have any color problems on Youtube , its only when I try to watch on facebook. I'd scroll down when Id stop scrolling, the color be normal for maybe 1 second, then turn green and purple. Only on facebook. Well, after I posted on here, I did a system restore, now videos are correct color like they are supposed to be. Can anybody figure that one out ??Then last night, the computer froze for like 10 minutes. I couldnt type , etc, but I could click off pages. This computer is an Acer I buy new in December from Tiger Direct. 1TB hard drive and 12 Gig RAM .
  4. Ive been here but its been awhile. My problem is when I try to watch a video on facebook, for example. Instead of normal colors, everything is green and purple . It happened once before , I did a system restore then everything was ok. Well, it just happened again. So I did another Sytem restore. videos are still green and purple. Has anyone else had this problem ? Im running Windows 10., last night there was a freeze lasting 10 minutes or so.
  5. I did what Irene suggested yesterday. So far no more black screens. I bought the computer brand new in February 2009, and yesterday was the first time CHKDSK was ever done. This morning when I first turned it on and logged on, no black screen. So Im keeping my fingers crossed. Plus, I reversed the cord that connects the monitor to the back of the computer.
  6. I dont have a graphics card. The monitor card plugs into a blue square thing on the motherboard. It went black 2 times this morning. I powered off the unit., unplug the cord, then plug it in again. I dont understand it.Its working fine now. It happens just when I power it up in the morning .Maybe its like me, getting old.All suggestions welcome.
  7. I checked that. Its good and tight. It dont do it all the time, just every once in a while.
  8. I wasn't sure where to post this. Yesterday I turned the computer on, got logged on and right after I got on facebook, the screen went black, then white, then black again.A multicolored box appears on the black screen that said "No Signal".After awhile I tried it again , everything worked ok.All I did while waiting was blow the desktop out with a shop vac. Then this morning, same thing happen after I was logged on. that time it went black and stayed black. No cursor. I had to push the on/off button to shut it down. Its odd, just once a day, 2 days in a row. Any ideas out there ? All help appreciated. I wanted to ask, because I dont want to screw anything up by not knowing what Im doing.
  9. I had it on most of the day today. No problems whatsoever. I deleted those old windows files, that helped a bunch, free space jumped up to 357GB from 303. Thank You everybody .
  10. Its an AMD processor.The fan is attached to the top of the heatsink with 3 screws, exactly like it was when I bought in new in the box.Theres 2 sockets on the board marked "fan". One is a 4pin marked "CPU Fan" and a 3 pin that is marked "pwr fan" I plugged the fan into the 4 pin socket, and its working fine. Turn the pc on, it beeps once and starts loading. But when plugged into the 3 pin socket, it beeps 3 or 4 ttimes and the info screen will say error at the bottom, but it still loads ok. At least it dont overheat and kick off now. I saw the windows old" folder, I'll delete that and see what happens. Thanks Alan for the tip.
  11. This computer came with Windows Vista in February 2009. I upgraded to Windows 7 in May 2014. No problems until yesterday when I replaced a CPU fan. Occasionaly the screen will go black, mouse also stopped working.So, I shut it down, and wait.Now, how can I delete anything that is Windows Vista no that I have Windows 7 ? My objective is gaining more disk space. I dont want to delete something I shouldnt. Any ideas are freatly appreciated.
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