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  1. southmp3plus

    Dog Fun

    this video very good, even i am having video which remembers me alot.. of course i am still 45 young :D www Dot youtube.com/watch?v=YkRouqgzQZ0
  2. thanks for posting a good link mainly i liked "EARTH IS BORN" i liked that few sentences .. :)
  3. A tough bug got by Norton. I have gone through all of Norton's removal tools. They did not touch it. My last resort is to try a good safe free cleaner. Please give my a couple of tried and true cleaners. This virus grabs my Google search page and redirects it to a fake google search page full of ads.
  4. I had my Asus K55VD laptop that has frequent "Windows Explorer has stopped working" in Windows 7. When I tried to relaunch it in Task Manager, it displayed the same error again, which was then undesirable, then it said "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I waited for a long time but there was, unfortunately, no response. "Windows Explorer has stopped working" error came up in the wild when in the middle time of usage even if Windows Explorer is not disturbed by some programs or with no apparent prov
  5. I am asking these questions since the behavior you are reporting is certainly not normal. For example, I have an external hard drive which I can connect to 7, Vista or XP with exactly same effect. Just to make things clear - it does not (or at least should not) matter, how you put the files on that hard drive (from Vista, XP, or OSX for that matter). As long as the file system format is compatible with Windows 7 (i.e. FAT32 or NTFS mostly) the hard drive should be recognized and you should be able to read/copy/manage the files on it, unless the permissions on the NTFS file system are set in
  6. Hi, First try to restore ur system on the point just before u lost ur sound : Start/All the programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. If that doesn't match, u'll have to re-install ur sound card. Tell the brand and the model of ur computer (or of ur MB if ur computer is a no-brand one) and I probably will be able to give u a linK for free downloading the driver u need.
  7. i have installed, but when i am opeaning the office 2013 its starting and suddenly it's closing.
  8. If you are unable to send email, you should first verify that you have your email client configured properly. Below are the SMTP SSL and Non SSL settings. you should use one of the following: SMTP Settings Non SSL Settings SSL Settings Incoming Server: mail.your-domain.com Outgoing Server: mail.your-domain.com Username: Your full e-mail address Password: Your e-mail account password Incoming Port: POP3 110 or IMAP 143 Outgoing Mail server (SMTP) Port: 587 SSL: NO SMTP Authentication Required Secure Authentication or SPA needs to be turned off Incoming
  9. Hello, my computer is stuck in a reboot loop. i have an intel pentium 4 desktop computer. it is windows xp home edition. the problem happened after i installed the windows service package 2 (i know, im a little behind). it seemed to install the update fine but after i restarted my computer i couldnt seem to get to my desktop. the computer manages to get to the light blue windows xp loading screen but instead of entering my desktop the computer reboots and the whole process starts over again. after reading other forums, i tried the F8 method but couldnt seem to make it work. last known configu
  10. Check the BIOS to make sure the onboard audio is enabled. You can also try a BIOS update if there is one available. If no update, reset the BIOS by pulling the CMOS battery or using the reset jumper.
  11. A little tip with the shutdown problem.. while I don't know the cause. I can tell you that instead of pulling the plug, try keeping the power button pushed for a few seconds. And regarding the power Led light, going off when you move the computer, then that could just be a lose connection regarding that little cable connecting to the motherboard. You should open the case and have a look. And regarding checking the power supply
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