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  1. Number 9 Cointreau and lemon juice and it is horrible
  2. Palaver or not on the Logitech forums they are fuming about it, windows says it is logitecs problem and should put out a patch, logitech says it is windows fault for taking support away for certain DLL's and at least that palaver will get the webcam working again
  3. Try this solution to your webcam problem

  4. I have the same webcam and had exactly the same problem, it is to do with the anniversary update to Windows 10 and there not supporting certain files that the Logitech webcams use. I got mine to work again as I found the solution on the Logitech forum. Go to Uninstall programs, select Logitech software then click uninstall, in the next box just tick the bottom option, (logitech drivers) then click next, after it has completed unplug your web cam and reboot your computer. Now plug your webcam back in then right click the windows blue flag then left click control panel, click add a device, it will search, select your webcam and follow the instruction, when the installation is finished reboot your computer again and your webcam should work, mine is a C270 and works well now.
  5. Do you have a Recovery disk? Can you boot into Safe Mode - can you get to Advanced Startup Options and do a system Restore? , if not try the solution below At the black screen, press the Ctrl key once on an attached physical keyboard. (You won’t see any visible change, but pressing the Ctrl key will place the cursor in the password box that you’re currently not able to see.) Now type the password of the user that just signed out and press Enter.This will sign you back into Windows and the desktop will appear. If you failed to sign in because you mistyped the password, press Enter once more. Then retype the password and press Enter." ...
  6. I updated the neighbours computer this morning and it went without a hitch. So I thought I would do the wifes laptop, big mistake, it would not download the anniversary edition, so I used edge to get the download and it checked the laptop was powerful enough to accept the update, downloaded it and stated to install. As soon as the install started it came up with an error 0x080070057 and asked me to try again and guess what the same error occurred again. On looking at that error online it seems quite common with this anniversary update, and these days I cannot be bothered with altering the registry to make something work so I will wait till it downloads it automatically.
  7. If you have a back up Boris, why would you need system restore?.
  8. I am not as ancient as andsome, or as good looking. Welcome to the forum.
  9. I have a Canonscan LiDE 90 that is 7 years old, it is USB powered and still works as well as the day I purchased it. It has worked with Win 7, 8.1, Win 10 and various Linux distros and never a problem. Even though the software disk that was suppled with it is for Win 7, it still works on Win 10 with no problems on a USB 2 or 3 connection. This one is £20 cheaper andsome. http://www.ebuyer.com/662469-canon-canoscan-lide-220-flatbed-scanner-9623b010?mkwid=s9zTMkluV_dc&pcrid=51482414939&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=Cj0KEQjwt-G8BRDktsvwpPTn1PkBEiQA-MRsBaAgwOTW3zf69fzhZYT5nD0eUvnrK3gmUXU24Yhp6a4aAqPj8P8HAQ&reevoo_page=2#reevoo_embedded_reviews
  10. As you are a more prolific poster than andsome now, please keep posting. Having no problems posting from Opera.
  11. No the online retailer is down south. It is all sorted now, after contacting them again, they said even though the unit was over six months old they would give me a full purchase price refund, and they also sent me a £50 voucher, so win win.
  12. You look like you are having a good time. Who said oldies can't enjoy themselves.
  13. So good you had to post it twice.
  14. Last August I purchased a NUC i3 from a well known online retailer.After adding a M2 SSD drive and 8GB's RAM it was perfect for my needs.Fast forward seven months and it developed a fault, I contacted the retailer I purchased it from and the sent me a free returns label, stating that they would send it back to Intel for replacement.They also told me it would take up to 28 days for the replacement to get back to me.After 35 days I had an e-mail from the retailer saying they had heard from Intel and to send me a replacement, but they have to wait for Intel to send the unit to them.So for over a month now I have been without my main computer and still have no delivery date even with the retailer chasing it up. Still it gave me a good excuse to buy some nice new shiny bits and build myself another computer, so a result of sorts.
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