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  1. I've tried releasing and renewing the ip many times to. Still not fixed.
  2. The details in the Windows "fix connection issues" says this in the details- windows sockets registry entries for network connectivity are missing. What does this mean?
  3. My router doesn't show this option when I'm logged in, I have version 1 of this router and these instructions look like they apply to a newer version. I did look in the blocked services section of my router and nothing is listed.
  4. Yes I've tried the "forget this network" many times. I'm showing through my router logs my laptop will frequently connect than disconnect when I connect to the main wifi signal. However this doesn't happen if I use the guest network.
  5. When I'm connected to the main wifi signal, it shows my laptops MAC address as connected by wired connection but I'm not, I'm connected by wireless.
  6. Yes it connects fine with a cable, no I haven't tried a sub wireless dongle, and I'm not sure how to checking a MAC address is blocked in my router. If I connect to my main wifi, I try to login in to my router, I get the prompt for my username and password but then it says server not found after I put the login info in. I can login in to my router on any other device.
  7. I've been dealing with this issue for a couple years and it's driving me crazy. Everything in my house connects to my main wifi signal without issues. My laptop however connects to the signal but I cannot get internet or see any devices. I always have to be on my guest network with my laptop. I've tried resetting my router, updating the firmware in the router, renaming the main wifi signal, resetting my wireless network adapter on my laptop, updating the the network adapter firmware in my laptop, and reinstalling the network adapter. I have no idea what else to try but I'm fed up not being abl
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