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  1. Beauty sleep andsome, beauty sleep.
  2. It's turned off. But I do have the power to delete them. Admin perk.
  3. Any better? You'll have to post images of the specific areas you're having trouble with. I have perfect 12.5/13.6666 vision p.s I've bumped up the font size just a tad.
  4. Come on Craig get a move on. ​
  5. The Rich Text Editor (RTE) is disabled on iPad as it's not support by IPB on mobile devices (for the version of the forum software we are currently using). However it is supported on version 4 of IPB which is currently undergoing testing.
  6. How much free space do you actually have then? You could move pictures, videos etc onto another drive (if you have one of course), update and then move it all back.
  7. You can still send it off.
  8. Current status: December 30, 2011: Product replacement pending :D
  9. I'll take a guess and say it's the add-on that you had installed before the format. See screenshot; Do you still have that after the format? I've seen that before but cannot remember what the add-on is called, something to do with 'Passwords'? If you still have it; disable it and try again with IE.
  10. Thanks, Alan... You are correct! - if only people would fill in their 'specs'. The problem is keeping them updated. It works both ways.
  11. http://thisismynext....edicted-floodi/ http://www.reuters.c...E79R66220111028 ...and yes this is a little late as HDD have already gone up!
  12. I think it's related to your username. The board does not like it. Scrap that.
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