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  1. What Is Windowing?

    We have all ABC knowledge in Windows. I want to know what is Windowing?
  2. There is no single list of security updates available for any OS, that I am aware of. XP, as pointed out, is no longer supported by Microsoft. In order to attract relevant answers, you could provide more detail about what you are looking for. Is there a specific update that you are missing? Is this for an enterprise or an individual? Why are you still running XP? There are over 1,100 updates in total for SP3, and over 150 Security updates. Additionally, there are a number of hotfixes and patches that have been provided to customers based on specific needs, faults, and bugs. Finally, there are a number of updates for Microsoft technologies, not the least of which is Internet Explorer, which was in version 6 when XP was released and has a separate patch cycle. Silverlight, .NET, and other commonly-updated features also have disparate upgrade and support paths.
  3. Here presents a three-tier .NET WinForms accounting application, called "LEK", that can be configured at run time to access its data (in a SQL Server database) using either LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework or NHibernate. The download for the article contains the Visual Studio 2008 solution, including everything you need to build the application. The source code included in the download, and the article itself, are organized so that it is as easy as possible to compare how the same functionality can be achieved with each of the three ORMs. If you are already familiar with one of these three ORMs, and need to learn one of the other three, then I think you will be able to use this article to leverage your knowledge of one to learn the other.
  4. Over the years I’ve heard developers say, "you can always tell when it’s a web app" insinuating that web apps are lacking when compared with native apps. These same folks will claim that web app performance is poor and the design is inferior. Although that might have been true years ago, today’s web fairs much better than the web of yesteryear. Our runtimes are super fast, leaving no lack of performance for apps. Advertising link deleted
  5. Hi, I have a HP Compaq 6515b laptop running Windows Vista. How would I go about accessing my BIOS settings? Thanks !

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