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  1. Interesting View Expression
  2. Our Unique Place
  3. Get Goals Saved
  4. Cool, thanks. Those look like they could work, and I like the second one :D A friend of mine sent me this 1&1 link for a favicon generator, because they really liked it....but I wanted to know what others thought about it :) Do you think the option to create one yourself is necessary? Or do most people use predefined images?
  5. Interesting Option Needed
  6. Hi, guys! Need your help. I am looking for favicon generator which is simple to use and which would fit different devices. Any suggestions? Just in case, I am new to favicon
  7. I found not a bad game. We can make a little bit more complicated if you wish. What do you think? Shall we try?
  8. People Like You
  9. OK, thanks! Well... is there one cloaking technique? I read about agent name delivery a few days ago. As I understood it is one of famous cloaking technique. To be honest, did net get completely what is agent name delivery...
  10. Optional Plan Suggestions
  11. By the way, is cloacking one of black hat SEO tactic or cloacking is a balck hat SEO?
  12. Thank you, Belatucardus! Really helpful link, detailed explanation. I heard that there are online coding websites, like code academy. Did you try any online coding websites?
  13. Thank you, Belatucadrus! That was completely new info for me. May I ask what is the main difference between C and C++?
  14. I am not really experienced in the coding. Which programming language do i have to use to create apps?
  15. can you give a little bit more information? How does it improve site design?