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  1. Laptop shutdown while playing game : Hey their, Few days earlier i have some problem with my laptop, Laptop always shutdown while playing games i searched a lot for my problem, and finally i got the solution for problem. If you are having same kind of problem then continue reading this blog. Laptop Shutdown While Playing Some High Quality Games While Charging First of all the problem only came when laptop is charging, that is if i play games while laptop is on battery, then their will be no problem, everything just work fine. But if i starting charging my laptop and play games my laptop shutdown, that sucks right. The reason behind that is we know that when we charge over laptop battery the heat is produced, and when we start playing games even more heat is generated which increase the temperature to further more. As i play lot games, games draw a lot of battery power, so playing games only on battery is not possible for me. So i defiantly need a solution for my problem. Problem I visit a lot of website for the solution, i got any different reasons from different website, some says that it might be a faulty motherboard other says it might be a heating problem.So i go to shop i ask them to check my motherboard for any problem. They told me that motherboard is OK. Then i start experimenting on my laptop and find out the problem has heating problem. As i m from India and India is one of the hotter countries. Here heating problem i not a big deal. Heating in laptop can occurs due to two reason Their might be some Dust inside your laptop. Low space between the laptop and the ground surface Removing Dust From Laptop If your laptop has the dust problem, then i would recommend to hire some one and get your laptop serviced. Removing dust without knowing the internal parts of laptop, you might get your self to a bigger problem then now. If you want to do it yourself i first recommend you to watch assembling of laptop video, there are lot of video like this over the Internet, just search for them on YouTube. And also do cleaning softly don't apply to much pressure, you might break that. Low Space At The Bottom of Laptop For me the problem was the low space between the laptop and ground space. You might thing that there is enough space, but after some time the air on the bottom of your laptop starts to get warmer so laptop fan does not have cool air to take inside the laptop to keep it cool. So the temperature of the laptop increase and when the temperature is near 100 C , laptop shutdown to prevent any kind of extra damage. Solution If you have same problem like me, you can solve the problem in following way Free Solution : When you play games try to keep your laptop at flat surface, Even the cloth of bed sheet can also stop fan to get fresh air. Use laptop monitoring softwares like msi after burner to keep track of your laptop temperatures. Try to check your fan is running at full speed. Set your laptop to high performance while on charging, some time laptops are set to balance which can also decrease the your laptop fan speed. Paid Solution Try to buy a laptop coolpad, and try to buy only a high quality coolpad for longer use. If you have enough money you can buy water cooled laptop.

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