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  1. Mail Backup X

    Source: http://www.mailbackupx.com/
  2. Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

    My company has been using Mail Backup X for past 7-8 months. A 360 solution to all problems related to mails stored in MAC. you can use it to 1. convert your MAC mails to outlook 2011/15 2. view PST and MBOX files 3. create a mirror to all your your mails. 4. works brilliantly for thunderbird and postbox as well rest of the details are available on their official site. we are a team of 100+. trust me it actually saved our professional mails at the worst of system failures
  3. Need a software to protect from Pron Site

    use firefox. its extension will block adult sites. am happy cause my little cousins had unknowingly come across few adult sites. now firefox sets the right filter before they step any more.
  4. Mail Backup X

    Felt like sharing this. this tool saved our ass this time. during the last OS update in our office MACs(back in Dec '16) we had lost most of our mails. we owned this tool this year(March). our Mails got saved during the recent update to high sierra(last month). A tool for every MAC dependent hubs.
  5. Qihu 360 browser

    your avatar is damn creepy BELATUCADRUS
  6. Windows Media Player -- Bye Bye?

    never used windows media player in last 5 years. vlc/pot do the part specially vlc due to larger number of file supports. however running the 300% volume damaged my speakers. pot lags a bit. but does not damage my system. i am used to use both
  7. reach out the computer technician. maybe some kind of hardware issue that remains unchanged despite all updates at software level.