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  1. Moz backup is no more in the frame I guess. I could not find any link to download the same. I wished it were there as it was free. Currently i work with Mail BAckup X to backup my Thunderbird emails. Mail BAckup X - This is not free - Boris
  2. aah. That tool is also available for Window now.: www.mailbackupx.com/download.html This is not free - Boris I was looking out for a tool to backup Windows emails and I got your this post. Thanks. That helps.
  3. to my fortune Outlook worked after 90 minutes of that crashing. but it failed to recognised the mail files it had stored previously. it killed me more that my mails were present and empty inside. after much googling i read that extracting corrupted mails is possible. i took a trial on "Outlook mac database recovery". the support team of the tool took a remote desktop session to help me extract my mails. and to my surprise, it actually worked. however I have made my mind not to move back to outlook again. i have exported all the mails to thunderbird. no problems so far. for those who are bearing such issue, you can check here: www.outlookmacdatabaserecovery.com/download-outlook-mac-database-recovery
  4. i use outlook16 in mac. the sooner i upgraded my os to high sierra, my outlook freezes. i have been struggling for past 1 hour and still no progress. i can see my olm folders but the mails are inaccessible. thunderbird is not importing this bunch. i really don't know howto recover my those 4gb official mails and those contacts. any help will be appreciated.
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