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  1. So I made System the owner and these are all checked. Nothing has changed... And they were all checked for each user since the beginning...
  2. Thanks, everybody cheers Just to UPDATE (in case :)So two more of my drivers start to behave just like my DATA drive. Again only with this OS (with UAC)The other system as always has no access issues to any of, now in total; three drives...During this problem with the original DATA drive, I was using this external drive just fine like every other day... Prior to this external one, there is no event that could be a cause; like a failed Restore Point or some other error containing a major event.(And there were another 1TB HDD which was also only readable. But I reformated it for restoring Images anyway...)Unless this thing is contagious through drives, this is bound to be a Windows dance, no?
  3. No no, I did not insinuate that for you at all. I was just saying, in general, that's the common uneasiness about the topic. Sorry for the misunderstanding. And thank you for your help. I apologize for sounding unappreciative and dissatisfied. It's just that I am in this miserable state of mind for such a long time that it seeps from me and it is not an actual representation of my attitude nor intention. :)
  4. I never said you can't read it! The title says: "Dedicated backup drive won't let anything to be written to or deleted from" Another one: "Yet nothing has changed! I still don't have any permission for that Drive but reading permission..." So as you see that I clearly stated that fact. And even if that wasn't true, that is still; 'one OS can, the other can not' situation. And all due respect that clears all the suspicion about the drive in my book. Not to mention that the drive passed all known OS tests and all the Harddisk Sentinel tests as well... In my experience, it is easy to blame Windows because it is easy to blame Windows! They make it easy. I have been paying money to Microsoft since Windows 3.1. And frankly, I have not been found of the fact that Microsoft utilized customer power to debug their work! Was I a customer or a tester? I paid lot's of money and invested even more of my time so that they could perfect their product then sell me back again... And here we are! You won't find MACOS or LINUX having such problem... I know, I searched for it! I am sorry, usually, Windows Help sites don't appreciate people complaining about Windows, I feel like I have right to do so. I've suffered enough, I earned it! I wish I could have liked Apple, but I never have... So here I am! I am here obviously because of this Love/(more so)Hate relationship I have with Windows... Long times... I feel like I have been more loyal to Microsoft than Microsoft has been to me. And that's where I stand... And thank you for trying to help, don't think, because I am probably crossing forum swagger by all this jabbering, that I don't appreciate your efforts...
  5. My drive is accessible! No problem reading... Also, My other system has no such problem...
  6. Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 I tried to restore to a previously 'created restore point' but it failed (System restore error 0x80070091). Because I had an Audio Driver issue. Meantime I fixed my audio card driver problem (reinstall)... But immediately two irrelevant things are screwed up now: My dedicated 6TB backup drive won't let anything to be written to or deleted from it for no good reason! It started to show: "The Recycle Bin on Y:\ is corrupted" error "Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this Drive?" I click YES! But of course, the system won't let me due to problem No1. "You need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder." This drive is a 6 TB data drive and has been serving with no issues about a year now. And the drive shows no indication of errors or any weaknesses. S.M.A.R.T. stats are all green. My other system has no such problems with it. What I have tried so far: sfc /scannow: No Problems I did the change the owner to 'Everyone' and included the sub-folders. It scanned the whole drive and seemed like it completed the task without any errors. I activated the built-in admin account. takeown /F Y:\ /R It took, of course, forever to scan the drive. Results of that scan: Mostly: "SUCCESS" (including a bunch of Recycle stuff) Few: "The system cannot find the path specified." And This"You do not have permissions to read the contents of directory blah..." "Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you full control? "YES" Scanned twice as much more: "Success in all entries" Yet nothing has changed! I still don't have any permission for that Drive but reading permission... Why now?! Why after trying (and failing) to Restore the system? The second OS that I am building as a workstation has no such problem. I deactivated U.A.C. in that one. The one with the problem is the one with U.A.C. Any expertise help will be cherished...

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