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  1. Check your Recovery , system restore and Installer folder in your windows folder. see if you can find anything. i found 20GB of Office 2016 Update crap in installer folder which i didn't even installed.
  2. Well this happens to me to , this problem was in my sony viao laptop in which it was upgraded from win 8 to 8.1 , but when i keep any thing open and don't use them (means not using laptop at that time). the whole system hangs and i'm unable to do anything and have to restart it. for solution i kept vlc player up and continue anything play anything while i'm going away from laptop. that worked. But Still didn't find the core of the problem.
  3. I'm running XP in my Vm Machine and It's getting Updates as normal, but it need some tricks to get them. always use manual update, and don't download unnecessary updates, or you will stuck in update loop and it won;t update.
  4. Use This Tool to Download latest Updates version of Windows 10, if it asks for key jsut google it and get it from itechtics. https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows10 This will provide you all versions of windows 10, use manual selection and download for both 86x/64x system, so that can useful for other machine to,
  5. Well Now i'm Feeling that i was good on windows 8.1, 10 is bandwidth eater, no idea how main upgrades are coming and Going.
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