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  1. Following are the drivers u need to install first- A motherboard driver, such as Intel motherboard driver, AMD motherboard driver, Asus motherboard driver, Gigabyte motherboard driver, MSI motherboard driver, etc. A display card driver (also called a graphics card driver), which enables your screen displays normally with good resolution. A network adapter driver, which allows your computer to connect to the Internet. An audio driver (also called a sound driver), which allows your computer to “make sound”. For example, with t a correct audio driver, you can hear sound from your computer and can input sound into your computer. Keyboard and mouse drivers, which allows you to use your keyboard and mouse to input and output data.
  2. You should have used any piece of iron near you...and rubbed it continuously for 5 to 10 min....it is really effective.
  3. Keeping an I phone is status symbol now days and of course it gives the best picture quality too.
  4. High Sierra is far from Apple's most exciting macOS update. ... But macOS is in good shape as a whole. It's a solid, stable, functioning operating system, and Apple is setting it up to be in good shape for years to come. There are still a ton of places that need improvement — especially when it comes to Apple's own apps.
  5. High security, high stability, ease of maintenance, runs on any hardware, free, open source, ease of use, customization, education and support are few reasons to use Linux over anything.
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