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  1. Your PC's USB port may be faulty or motherboard connected to PS2/USB port may be faulty. If you don't have any extra USB port then you may get a USB converter to connect your keyboard. Also try to install or update your PC driver (if you are using old version of Windows).
  2. As per my information I don't think using both Windows 10 and outdated Windows 7 in a same network connection will affect anything until your outdated Windows 7 got malware attack (very likely due to Windows stopping any security update to Windows 7) then your network may get affected. Regularly updating your other Windows 10 PC along with Windows Defender or any other 3rd party Antivirus may help.
  3. Hello. I am Sayantika. New in this forum.
  4. Hi, myself Sayantika Dey, I am from Kolkata, W.B, India. I love to write technical blogs related computing. I hope this Windows forum will be a great platform to share and get useful information. Thanks for visiting..
  5. How to run WhatsApp in my Windows 10 Mobile after 31 Dec 2019? I am still using Windows 10 Mobile and I am worried what happen after 31 Dec 2019. Will WhatsApp stop working completely or it disable some useful features from it? Please help.
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