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  1. You should try to reinstall Linux to that drive ..... As you are saying that you were using linux and then turn back to window 7 .... So linux create Ext4 partition which are not readable by window ..... but if you will install linux then your SSD can detect easily and then after try to install window by format complete drive and change partition at time of installing window. You can add also your SSD as external device to other linux operating system and use Gparted to create partition in Fat 32 or NTFS and then install window ... it will be detected by window also.
  2. Install Xampp on your computer. After install start Apache and Sql by click on xampp window Create a folder "yourfolder" under Xampp/https folder and put all your website file in "Yourfolder" Open in browser localhost/phpmyadmin Create a database Import your sql file in your database. Edit wp-config.php file in yourfolder according to created database Now open in browser localhost/yourfolder Your site is ready to go on your computer (local)
  3. How can we ..... You did not share any example URL or your niche market or your own site URL (If any). To get help in design best suggestion from my side is google once "Responsive HTML Templates for (Your niche market like business agency)" and you can lots of free and paid templates to get designing ideas.
  4. nulleddirectory is place where you can find pirated software or cracked premium templates or themes for free. If you are professional developer then you can change according to your need and make it own but if you have no coding idea then after some duration you will get issue when wordpress or similar platform update and ask you to update plugins .... So best choice is spend small amount and buy themes from original origin and get regular support and update for free.
  5. For me mysqli is only upgraded version of mysql ..... Before few months i notice some errors in wordpress sites and then we found mysqli in code ..... after read some information online i upgrade our PHP version to latest 7+ and all errors are fix. So i know only this that with PHP 7 or higher mysqli is better than msql because in some browser got error also that mysql will not work for long time so update code with mysqli. Dont know more difference than above between mysql and mysqli ?
  6. You should share also that which operating system you are using till now ..... If you are thinking window 7 or vista then yes you can upgrade window to latest version without format your system. You should google once that "How to upgrade our window to (current operating system) to window 10" and you will get information that how can you do that. Only care about all steps and net connections because it setup broke in mid then format will be must.
  7. Hi All, I am new member of windowforum. Myself Joyce, i found this forums interesting because of lots of information related to window and related software. I am here because i know i will learn many new information day by day.
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