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  1. That is a really good one. Extra large PST files are really a pain to deal with...
  2. Windows 10 on a Thinkpad x250, works like a charm!
  3. I am using Brave, I like it very much as it basically blocks all the trackers, ads and so on. But sometimes it can block actual features on website so I have to disable the protection. I have also notice that Firefox appears sligthly faster from time to time.
  4. Using an SSD for boot drive makes a great difference. Also take a look at all the services and apps that launch during boot time, disable what is not necessary. Disk optimisation for SSD / defragmentation for HDD every month can also be a good idea.
  5. Hello, Since a few months, I am having a weird issue that prevents me from playing any FPS. Basically my mouse is working fine but at some point it stop moving for a few ms and then resume. It could happen randomly, sometimes working fine for minutes then happening up to 10 times per minute. I have the same problem on Windows 10 and Linux Mint. I tried cord and cordless mouse and I do face the same issue on both OS. I can play FIFA with a gamepad without suffering any problem/stuttering. Any idea?
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