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  1. @Boris No problem , fortunately my problem solved , Gs Richcopy 360 did the job in just few steps Have a nice day
  2. I know this is weird , after the transferring done to the new laptop we found that all files have the date 2001. however, the time and date in the old and new laptop are correct
  3. Hi @Boris I know that there is a ton of copy/backup tools as an alternatives to Robocopy like FreeFileSync , Duplicati, Gs Richcopy 360 , Carbonite ....etc , but the question which tool has an option that can allow me to copy time attributes only for 270G data without without re-copying files , this is depends on the users experience ! It would take so much time If I will try many tools , so your experience is appreciated in this case
  4. We transferred a large amount of data( about 270G ) from the old laptop to another new one , but we found that the files on the destination laptop are there but with the wrong year (2001). I would like to copy just the time attributes from the old laptop to the new one without re-copying files. I found a way via Robocopy but unfortunately, it will re-copying files again and this will take so much time.
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