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  1. ooh, I think NTL will be receiving a call from me tomorrow, I'm still on their 300kb service as it seemed to be the only unlimited service NTL were offering. their current limits are: 1MB - 1GB a day and total of 3Gb a month 2MB - 30GB/month 3MB - 30GB/month
  2. Thanks for the reply, I havent had any spare cables to try with but will get some and report back to you thanks
  3. Hi, I'm not sure where this topic is meant to go but this seemed to be the closest match. I recently heard about backtracking music and was wondering if there is any software which actually lets you do this. Preferably with MP3 support. Please can someone tell me if such software exists Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I have a computer with 3 HDDs, one IDE and 2 SATA. The SATA ones are in a RAID01 config. It normally seems to work but every few days or so it says 'SATA drive unplugged, SATA drive 1 disconnected'. Then I have to turn the computer off, unplug the power cable to both drives and swap them around. Then it works again for a few days. Please can someone tell me if this is hardware or software fault and how I can resolve this issue as it is VERY annoying Thanks in advance :D
  5. thank you - I ordered one earlier and it should arrive in the next 2 days
  6. I forgot to mention - I do not use a cable modem - my broadband is connected via my set top box thanks
  7. hi, I've been looking around but there seems to be all different kinds of routers available on the market and so I dont know which to get...a nudge in the right direction would be appreciated I've got NTL broadband, an XBOX and 2 PCs - one with Windows XP Home and Windows x64 which all need internet connection Please can someone advise me with what type of router I need and perhaps a link to where I can buy one cheap Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, a friend of mine has got a comptuer with Windows XP installed on it already. He wants to format the computer and install Windows again, however he needs the CD-Key to isntall Windows again Is there anyway to find out which CD-Key his Windows XP has been installed with? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for that - I'll give the hub back and get a router Whats the difference between a hub and a router (in simple terms)? I've attached the diagram I was using in case anyone else wants to know how to make the connections On the picture it said "Router/Hub" so I thought either would work, only later did I realise it says "computer with one NIC and a router" under the title Willlet you know how it goes and will post again if I have any further questions Thanks
  10. Hi, I'vegot a a NTL broadband conenction at 1Mb which at the monet goes directly into my ethernet port on my PC I would liek my XBOX to share the internet connection so that I can play XBOX live Does anyone know how I would go about this? I've got a few diagrams showing the inetnet connecting to a hub and then the hub giving out connections using straight through cable to bot th XBOX and PC - I've tried this method but neither the XBOX or the PC picks up any connection Please can someone help me out with this Thanks
  11. instead of trying to install Windows on top of Windows 98 you can backup the data and make a clean install Save all yuor work etc to CD or DVD Go to your BIOS setup and select CD-ROM as your primary boot device Turn on your computer with the Windows XP CD-ROM in the CD drive and during boot up you'll get a message saying 'Press any key to boot from CD' Press any key and follow installation instructions from there... Theres a really good guide to installing Windows XP using this method here: http://www.simplyguides.net/guides/xp_home...tall_part1.html If you are still getting problems try cleaning your Windows disk
  12. I get continuous spoof emails from Paypal, eBay and lots of banks I dont understand why they even think I'd fall for it - I'm only 17 and dont have any of these accounts - then again, probably send the same message to everyone and wouldnt have any information on the people they are sending the message to Before I used to click the link and fill of all the fields with obsene language but that was boring after a while so now theres a huge collection in my email inbox If anyone wants a sample of there emails then let me know :ninja:
  13. hi, i got sick of trying to ghost it, the casper XP wouldnt work properly either I copied all my data onto the 200GB HDD installed windows on the 300gb and then copied the data over onto the 300gb finally I removed the 80GB Thanks for all your help guys!!!
  14. Thanks for all your help guys, its really a much better experience discussing topics on a forum rather than sitting there trying to find what ou want jsut by searching google. I've sent Comedy Central a e-mail and hopefully they will give me permission to downlaod South Park (fingers crossed) I dont download music as I'm just one of those guys who'll buy an album, listen to it till I'm sick of it, listen to a few more, then start over from the first one! :wallbash:
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