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  1. Sorry to hear that Irene. I also seem to have been diagnosed with heart failure - due to going to local hospital when GP on holiday by stand in doc. What a palaver - needed an injection - Chinese doc spent seemed like 1/2 an hour trying to get into a vein - hubbie said to him - come on mate - she isn't a pin cushion and he handed over to nurse who got in first time on same vein. Later found out this Doc had put me down as having collapsed veins! due to heart failure! When he was the failure needed lesson on how to inject into a vein! So seemingly stuck with this on my Health
  2. I have just got yet another update on W7. Again on lap top for Hubbie too. Come Monday end of support will be here. I tried to get W10 and it was going until last knockings - updating so left it for a while. Only to come back and find it back to W7 saying sorry didnt work, that was my desk top. T Then tried the laptop. It too failed. Was trying to get it free as digital license for each computer that had downloaded successfully W10 is remembered and OK to go. Both these were successfully W10. Just that I for one didnt like it and w
  3. Looks like the time for W 7 is fast approaching zero. January 20th 2019 o thereabouts. Had reminders ............ What to do is the question. Maybe 10 has improved and then maybe we can now have programs we want not what they think we can have. Went a bit Left Wing Actavistic like so many today. Firefox did the same. So use Chrome now for years or Avast Secure Browser. I own my machine - and paid for the oS so I must be given a choice as to which programs I run as the Vendors of these are given a choice to update or not. Waiting for the off - I did set q0 up on a
  4. Seems cheap in UK compared with Oz. I pay $99 a month for unlimited data and free line rental - plus include Play TV box which allows me to stream movies etc paid latest releases. 2 yr contract and free set up plus router provided. Tech came out and set it all up when switch over came along. I get good fast speed according to google speed test. Ping 23 Download 42.96 Upload 6.31
  5. Well I'm still in the land of the living and loving using W7. And a Happy New Year to you all.? I own my computer - still using the 2013 one - Gigabyte and its fine. I also paid for W7 software to go onto it. As for 10 - I suspected MS had own reasons for giving it away. - I mean who in business gives away millions if not billion or so for no return? So the return is...........................they know what you do every minute of the time on line. And also control what programs you can install. That's my main reason for not using it. If and when th
  6. @Geriatic Teenager I also use update from C Cleaner and also on that no other pups offered. This is a bit of a nuisance as many do it for the profit. Seeing as 21st Century is dedicated to Greed is Good - Gordon Gecko has much to answer for @Hansom I today am setting up Chrome - as can now close off the "spying" and I use Mask Me - have done for 15 years for passwords and Firefox Quantum wont allow it nor other so called legacy things like IDM also paid life sub and used it for years fast downloads and reliable etc so Chrome take both. And yes I know can so to Blur but bad e
  7. I'm still using W7 on all computers like seemingly millions of others. This one update was supposed to make it easy for W10 to take over etc so why are they still sending it own when its no longer free? Most of the businesspersons I deal with still use W7 too. And have no intention of changing. Support is to 2020 and I suspect beyond as W10 appeals mainly for social use rather than business. MS said 10 is the last OS. Whose will to bet on that!
  8. Realized over time that it is the batteries fading that cause the wobble for some reason. BTW dont bother to pay extra for the Blue ones Duracell put out they dont last any longer IMHO.
  9. With all the talk of having been spied upon and tagged by governments etc and also wanting to stream movies and being unable to etc many now using a VPN. I used one with my Avast for about a year but a while back and not so much to be streamed etc back then so let it go. Now just tried Tunnel Bear and it didnt like my computer as usual. Didnt find out why. Then paid for Express VPN - same thing - did refund money ok as promised as no free trial. so now pondering what to try next so thought ask and see if anyone here has a recommendation.
  10. Yep Firefox still my favourite - tried most of their offshoot - Pale Moon Cyber Foix etc but end up back with old favourite. Chrome - is good but if yu need a second browser - Comodo do a good one - without the reputed spying they say is on Chrome - but is a chrome based browser but tad faster methinks. Still see the W7 lovers hanging in there ha ha. Shame on MS for forcing W10 on folks and using it to spy also as well as then making upo what you can anc cant have by way of programs on 'their' OS. If we all stopped using windows they would be out of a job. Today
  11. Good to see joined the Firefox /Thunderbird crowd "Hansome". I've used it since 2003 never found any browser to beat Firefox. But it does have its faults. Like going to Chemist Warehouse to buy stuff overwrites price on description etc so use IE for that. Only 2 browsers ever use. IE latest works fine on W7 could well be its being on W10 that is affecting it. And in spite of the leftie style denigration of W7saying 67% of those affected by War Cry and only 15% W10. That is because the idiots aren't patching it. No trouble with my computers or lap t
  12. What a con the free W10 was. Not sure how to yank the battery - was wondering if had to replace it where it is even. Must have a good look but haven't seen obvious this is the battery slot! But it is spooky to think someone is using our lap top when it is turned off. I did know they did the updates but seeing as he hardly uses it any more, then the battery drain is M$. Glad I resisted W10 and thanks to Ultimate Insider with GWX which I still have running on this one just in case. W
  13. Yes thanks Boris. Will do just that. Meanwhile, whilst I have your attention - ha ha. I tried to take it back to W7 as have a spare disc and unused product number etc. But M$ have taken down heaps of stuff. Used to be able to format a HD and put on another OS but cant find how to anylonger. Got to thinking I'm going nuts as years back was able to do just that. Format a Windows Computer and then put on new OS etc and it worked. So being at end of tether - I just put the disc into the comuter and installed it on the lap top and it opened up with old Windo
  14. Hi we have this W10 on hubbie's lap top which he mainly uses to follow Arsenal - so once a week and today it seems somehow the battery was so low he couldnt get it to start. Powered up and battery recharging for around 3 hours. Now he hasnt used it much lately, only once a week mostly these days, as not computer lover, and says often happens he powers up and the battery is low but not as low as today. So how does this happen? I'm not up with W10 as still using W7 and wont change over as loath what I see of 10 and I do see a bit as he gives it to me to sort out so not a
  15. I also use Firefox to back up Thunderbird and it to an ext HD. I put problem I also get, or got, Firefox is running all the time, down to having Waterfox as well so uninstalled Water Fox as seems have to have both for program bits. And FF itself is fast enough. That cured it. Mozback up is a great program - he gives the code on the link supplied above, and suspect he would not mind if someone did a bit of a tune up to use it on latest versions of both Thunderbird and Firefox. Which I also use. Both are best. Shame Firefox group simply have started to dictate how we use it ta
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