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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. I hope you are all enjoying a festive Christmas. We are off shortly to join our eldest son and family for Christmas lunch. There is a rumour that we may have turkey, no less! possibly followed by a flaming pudding. I hope to be in better form in the New Year. Best Wishes, Thos.
  2. Christmas time again and though I haven’t contributed to this forum, or indeed read any of your contributions, over the past 6 or 7 months, I haven’t forgotten you all. How life can change over a moment. My moment came on June 12th when I was sitting comfortably after having coffee after dinner, when there was the awful sound of my wife falling uncontrollably down the stairs. She was lying motionless and I called the paramedics, who were with us within 15 minutes. She underwent scans in A&E and the preliminary diagnosis was that she had suffered a stroke whilst at the top of the stairs. Later MRI scans showed that this was not the case. She had suffered a brain haemorrhage, either causing the fall or as a result of the fall. In any event it has taken over 3 months to regain some movement in her legs. Her right arm still has no movement. The fall had broken her neck vertebrae in 3 places, broken her nose and some teeth and affected the system of nerves and muscles of her spinal column. As you can guess, this has affected our pattern of life. My time is taken up in the normal aspects of care for an injured person and I know from your contributions that some of you have been doing this for years. I take her to physiotherapy 3 times each week and to hydrotherapy once a week to try to build up some strength in her legs. Her doctors are considering injections of Botox in her shoulder muscles with the hope of relaxing them out of their hard knotted state. So that is the reason for my lack of presence since the summer. As an aside, the day before all this happened, I tripped dashing for a bus and dislocated my right shoulder, broke my left thumb and the fingers of that hand were sticking out from the joints at all angles. The nurse soon popped those back but the dislocation took a general anaesthetic to force the shoulder joint back in place. I really could have done with some TLC myself, rather than visiting my wife in hospital 3 times a day at first and twice daily for 3 months. I felt that I owed you an explanation, but my real reason is to hope you are all well and to wish you all a great Christmas and a trouble-free New Year. Thos.
  3. Did they taste salty? Thos.
  4. We bought a (very expensive) powder from a visiting gypsy which keeps tigers, and lions incidentally, away. We just sprinkle it around our garden and we never see any tigers at our house in Orpington . It is very effective, I don't know what we will do when our supply runs out. Thos.
  5. One of my work colleagues in the 50's, had been a development chemist with Tootal Broadhurst Lee. One day, whilst doing some work with a new crimped cellulose acetate fibre, he came out with a wonderful little parody on the old Nylon advert. "Nylon....made by man with woman in mind...............Crimped cellulose acetate .....made by man with nothing in mind." Well I laughed until tears ran down my leg. TEARS??? :lol: Well they were warm and wet. Thos.
  6. Winston was a master orator. I don't remember him as being a good listener. Thos.
  7. They might be noisy but I would love to see one in MY garden. You are lucky, catgate, Thos.
  8. Happy Birthday from me, too. Thos.
  9. There are some folk without that miracle fibre! Thos. Yes, but they go into politics and really don't count. :lol: :lol: :lol: Thos,
  10. There are some folk without that miracle fibre! Thos.
  11. Thos

    techy quizz

    The link doesn't work for me. Have you broken it with your slipped finger? Thos.
  12. Thos

    Killer tortoise

    Who said tortoises were slow. That one moved pretty swiftly. :D :D Thos.
  13. Thos

    don't laugh

    :D :D It is best to giggle away and explain, if you have to, why you found it funny. Honesty is the best policy. Thos.
  14. Thos


    I suspect that I would have spilt a lot more than my soda! Thos.
  15. Snoring (mine or anyone elses) doesn't bother me. I find it quite comforting and pleasing to hear snoring and know my bed-mate is comfortable and sleeping well. Thos.
  16. Well done. You have to be sharp for that. Thos.
  17. Tell Thos that. :D I thought she just did Thos.
  18. Neither would I. :D Thos.
  19. She was a little trier, was Mary Anne. It got her into a lot of trouble, and she also caught one or two nasty diseases through it. She doesn't look disease ridden to me. Here she is. Thos.
  20. I am about to send a French letter (or a letter in French) to the owner of a gite we have rented at the end of June. I don't think this thread has helped one iota. Thos.
  21. Sorry, I didn't scroll down. The first one is my ideal logo. Thos.
  22. I really like THIS alternative. Thos.
  23. I have one and I am going to a warts clinic on Tuesday next when the doctor will freeze it and it will drop off (he says) Thos.
  24. Are you sure? I'm not well up in this but my belief is that the total (obscene) cost was met by the private sector. Thos.
  25. OR. You can just be yourself, in a stupid mood or anything. Thos.
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