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  1. I finally figured out that one of my anti-spyware programs called STOPZILLA did not like the download and deleted it. I turned it off and all went well, Many Thanks jtdt :D
  2. My laptop is connected wirelessly to my wireless router which is then hard wired to my desktop PC I am trying to connect them both by Bluetooth ---they both see each other but my laptop network connection says 'network cable unplugged' I have no cables on my laptop to plug? I would like to completely remove this connection and reinstall but the word 'delete' is greyed out. My wireless connection works great with heaps of speed. I have moved the laptop to within 6 feet of the other units so there is no chance of being too far away. Could someone please explain what I can do to get the connection going again? jtdt
  3. Yes, the file is all there and it's a exe jtdt
  4. I have saved Firetrust's new program called ' Sitehound' to my download folder. When I click on it to run , the icon just disappears and nothing happens. I have temporarily disabled all anti-virus, firewalls, anti-spam running on mt PC but the download still just disappears when I try to run it. I even downloaded 'pandasoft scan' and it found no problem on my PC, as well as running the latest updates of all my other scanning software, incl. Microsoft Antispyware, Vet Antivirus, Spybot,Adaware, CW Shredder, Spyware Blaster, and Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. Could someone please suggest a fix as I have never encountered this problem before. jtdt
  5. I have set TV as the display within my video card, I will look for new drivers. Thanks jtdt
  6. My problem is that I cannot get a full screen on my 80cm tube type 4.3 TV----Media Centre is OK , it's when I view my desktop on the TV that I only see half of the image. In answer to D4\ /!d ---Why not, Media Centre is a great program and is the way of the future. It is the start of the combining of the PC with the home entertainment centre and this concept will only expand. jtdt :rolleyes:
  7. No answer yet---surely someone has Media Centre 2005 ??? :( :unsure: :huh: :wallbash: !!!
  8. Hi, I am having problems setting up my new Laptop with Media Centre 2005 to play correctly on my 80 cm TV [ tube type] I am wondering if any member has had problems with this software and we could have a chat about the specific problems. jtdt :mellow:
  9. I have now fixed the outlook problem---I had left the @serviceprovider.com.au off the end of my user name. All's well that ends well !! :D jtdt
  10. I have windows XP sp2 on my PC and use Outlook as my email program. Recently I bought a new Laptop which is connected wirelessly to a wirless router. I set up my email in Outlook exactly the same as in my Desktop PC but each time I press send/receive on the laptop a screen pops up continually ---every 10 secs. and the mail is not sent or received. The screen is headed ---Enter Network Password, then it says Please type your user name & password. Under that is says ---Server---in which my server name is already there. Then User Name---in which my user name is already there. Then Password---xxxxxxxx again already there. Then a small box to tick with the words---Save this password in your password list--then OK BOX and CANCEL BOX. I have tried to re-enter my info to no avail and I even deleted my email set-up and started again with no luck. Please let me know what is going on and how can I fix it. Many Thanks jtdt :(
  11. Hi expertec, It worked WOW, thank you very much, I know it was a small thing but one gets used to the way things look. By the way we Aussies will have to get used to the way you Poms play cricket. All our team are being keel- hauled tomorrow. Thanks again. jtdt ---down under. :lol:
  12. No it did not look like the one you posted. I was a small box with 3 symbols---stand by--turn off---restart and you just clicked on your choice. jtdt :(
  13. congratulation on your cricket win ---boohoo
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