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  1. Thought for today - 14 October

    Spot on !
  2. Lovely weather...

    Not quite so tranquil; full of splendour.
  3. Lovely weather...

    I wasn't aware you had ever seen me Watchful. :D I didn't picture you as being tranquil Gandalph...... :D
  4. Lovely weather...

    Tranquil beauty. The lone boat scene is a cracker
  5. Thought for today - 13 October

    You mean like a kick up the pants? :D
  6. The Cons

    I am in the place where they ALL want me to be, disillusion drive and it's a cul-de-sac :(
  7. Thought for today - 11 October

    I can recommend the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
  8. The Cons

    There is always hope catgate....what else do we have ?
  9. Thought for today - 10 October

    Very profound today B) I hope I'd be worth exactly the same.
  10. Factory Gates

    B O G O F at Netto....hurry! When it's gone it's GONE! :0
  11. It takes all sorts.

    The signs are everywhere....we are doomed
  12. The Cons

    I had no idea that he published that :0 No wonder why the workshy like Labour and the workers always seem to be taxed to death to pay for it all :( Not just the workshy that vote Labour Curly that's a very dated idea. Cameron's speech was a damp squib to say the least. A vision, which most people already have, and a list of problems with no solutions. An impossible dream. Nothing to persuade me to vote conservative at all.
  13. A thought

    Can't argue with that ! :lol: :lol:
  14. Off on holiday...

    Have a great time Tankus....sounds fabulous....look forward to seeing the pics.
  15. Thought for today - 16 September

    Exactly......a good memory, usually called intelligence :D

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