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  1. Just found Paragon are giving away Paragon backup 16 for free for a limited period (Oct 16th). Have not actually carried out a back up yet but looks okay. Partitions, full drive, files and folders, scheduled b/ups and incremental b/ups. Have to create an account to get the serial number. https://www.paragon-software.com/home/brh/download.html By the way it shows the small second partition.
  2. Doesn't make Acronis look good. If you go to disk management it is there.
  3. Found- you can back up just the 1st partition only by unticking both then click on the first partiton and actions comes up beneath it. Click on this and select image this partition only.
  4. What it means to me is that it is created by Win10 install. Nothing to do with Macrium at all. I noticed with mine that it was created when I did a clean install of 10 but not with the upgrade.
  5. You can have a read here at the Macrium forum. http://superuser.com/questions/915238/what-is-this-recovery-partition-for-on-a-fresh-installation-of-windows-10
  6. According to disk management it is a recovery partition. As it is only 300 mb I have ignored it.
  7. As above. Tried others but macrium he best.
  8. I prefer Macrium reflect. Free version will do incremental backups, paid for will do decremental backups as well.
  9. Yes. Updated manually today. Like you Iost my start menu x. Bit annoyed as it was free pro version. Turned off as much rubbish as I could. Haven't found any improvements yet. Thought Edge might be better but I can create a favourite folder but I can't put anything init or even rename it. The key board won't put letters in it just doesn't respond.
  10. The information I managed to get was of the opinion that there was not enough RAM at only 1Gb to work satisfactorily for what he wanted.
  11. A friend of mine wants to know if he purchased a Windows 10 tablet would he be able to install any windows programme or would he be restricted to only apps designed for tablets ? He does not have a PC or internet but wants a programme he can use to convert video files.
  12. Why does the "View new conttent" not work anymore?. Have noticed it for severpal days now.
  13. Yes thats the TR4A. I did a complete body off rebuild in 1979,I think it was. Really enjoyed it.
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