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  1. Sorry ( I knew better ) CDBurner XP Version Thanks
  2. I posted this in Windows Movie Maker but have had no help. I am hoping someone can assist me in here. "After I load files to burn how can I find out the TOTAL size of those files?" Thanks
  3. The only place I can find advance is in the "new" area. Ichanded it to winamp in there but it still isn't the icon I want.
  4. Tried that and it doesn't change the icon. I have tried changing them to several different programs and it does change the program but the icon doesn't change. I have had this happen before and did find how to change the icon but I'll be darned if I can find how to do it now. I want them to open in winamp and they do but it isn't an icon for winamp. Thanks
  5. Using Windows XP Professional With Service Pack 2 In Windows Explorer In my MP3 folders all my mp3's open with the program I have selected BUT the icon showing for the MP3 files is one belonging to another program. I can't find how to change the icon that represents the program I am using. I searched the help section but I am no wiser. :censored:
  6. To pops & Puskin: Duh! :ranting: Of Course: :blush: Thanks :D ot
  7. Using Windows XP Professional With Service Pack 2 In Windows Explorer When a folder is open and the list of that folder appears in the right hand side box is there anyway to do a "find" in the items shown? To make it a little clearer. The contents of a folder has 100 items. Can a "find" be done to locate all the items with the word "Santa" in them? Thanks
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