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  1. I do agree that a lot of computer forums have been seeing a slight decrease in the amount of members retained on site on a regular basis and yes, I do agree that this can be attributed somewhat to the stability and ease of use of Windows 7. However, there are subects with forums dedicated to them that are thriving, such as Android/Apple and as -pops- says, heath and medical. With computers, it always seems to lull every now and then, before coming back around. Social media will never totally replace how informative a good forum can be.
  2. Well, I would say we probably need some context - what is the site you are putting together about? What industry/sector? Also, we may need a bigger image than the one you posted. You should be asking yourself some questions though, as a web designer: Will my client be happy with a template, not a unique look? What content has my client provided for the site and does this template accommodate appropriately? By the way, I am not knocking using a template, providing you are not charging clients for boutique work - I use templates from time to time myself, they definitely have their p
  3. Thanks all - Andsome, still as 'andsome as ever, I see. Maneman - I closed that site down about 3 years ago. Shows how long I have been away really. Forum is looking really good. Craig has done a cracking job with it.
  4. Wow - it's been 5 years since I have been around here. Great to see the place so busy and really nice to see so many familiar faces still around! Just wanted to say hello. I'm off for an afternoon of catching up on forum posts!! Damo
  5. Blimey there's a name from the past!! Good guy! Shame he left like he did!
  6. DOH I missed it! But a belated Happy Birthday to WF!!! Can't believe it's been 5 years already!
  7. It seems to be common with forums throughout the months of March/April and May that there is a lack of activity, I know my forum has slowed down quite a lot over the last couple of months, but usually picks up again in june time - I also agree though that especially with chat sections there comes a time where pretty much everything has been said and that things just end up getting repeated, which gets pretty boring. I pop back here every now and then - used to be a regular, and have been here, through two incarnations, since the very beginning of WF. It still has great appeal and the fact peo
  8. Hi folks I've had vista for a while now and still like it apart from one problem, it doesnt seem to like any chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN or Trillian, and keeps logging me out every few seconds/minutes, which is rather annoying as I use them a fair bit. I have tried running them all in XP compatibility mode, but to no avail. Anyone else on Vista experienced this? and do you have a solution if you have? Ta Damo
  9. I lived in Holland a few years ago so got to see lots of beautiful towns and villages! Again, nice site, better than my first attempt!
  10. Nice site for a first one! Maybe a little bit 'too' much of the same shade of green for my personal taste. Graphics are good, I like the logo and the text reads well. One bugbear of mine though are frames. You have them on the navigation and the main page - try to lose them if you can, they spoil the look and feel of the site. Other than that really well done! By the way, Uden is a very nice place!! DAMO
  11. I bought a new wide screen laptop yesterday, which came with Vista Home Premium Edition, 24 hours of playing around with it and have to say I like it - but if it didn't come bundled with the laptop there is no way I could justify paying for it as a standalone or an upgrade, for the home user (as far as I can see) it offers nothing substantially different to XP - at least not that i've found yet anyway. Still......it looks pretty! :D I also had some problems with my thompson speedtouch modem under it, the compatibility mode seems to have sorted it out, but connecting is still a bit hit and m
  12. Nice Site Barry - Big improvement from the last time I saw it - nice and clean looking now and easy to read - some interesting stuff on there!
  13. Nice site - I never knew Google had so many fans and could be talked about so much! :D
  14. You must have money to burn P!! Looks nice though - been looking at Toshiba myself, some very nice models at good prices! My aging Vaio is struggling to keep up with my demands nowadays!
  15. Looking on Loot.com at dogs and the pics are not showing, where the grey boxes are there are supposed to be pictures and also where Ive circled there is supposed to be a heading link with the type of dog, just not there at all. Running XP on Toshiba lappy - any ideas?
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