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  1. XP, 7, Linux , OSX are all fine operating systems It really depends on what you want to do , what hardware you are running and what's your budget
  2. If the ultimateboot CD doesn't work, you can save your data with Knoppix, here is how.
  3. I think you can do it by installing an alternative boot loader You will need to install a minimal version of linux (50MB ,something like puppylinux) into a partition on your external harddrive and use the Linux bootloader 'Grub' to boot into Windows
  4. It has been suggested before but Gparted will probably solve your problem Easy, free and convenient
  5. For Vista slow login, try this As for "File is already in use" , is that the exact wording? I work a lot with Samba and never encountered that . Does it happen only on the Vista clients ? what other clients do you use ?
  6. Do those games need Windows Installer to run? If not you can try this: 1. create a new user with admin rights 2. prevent the user from running windows installer (like this ) 3. set all other programmes (like browser, IM , office , etc ) to run with limited rights (like this)
  7. At home I only back up whenever I feel that a document (mostly pictures actually) is important enough , I put an extra copy on an external hard drive. At work I back up daily with rsync.
  8. Hi dabbler I googled "add acronis xp image grub" A lot of information came up, this onelooks promising , the youtube video might also be useful
  9. I would say : Wrong. I don't think you will see a notable change in available space when creating a new partition on a defraged volume in comparison with a non defraged volume. When you create a new partition the parting software moves all your data to one area of the disc to create space. It resizes the partition based on the free space it contains,no matter how messy it is. Having said that , it is always advised to defrag Windows partitions before parting a disc to avoid errors when files are moved around.
  10. Maybe firefox is eating your RAM? I find that youtube performs best on Chrome (no wonder ,really).
  11. First read this (the PDF version is free) If afterwards you have any questions post them in the Ubuntu forums
  12. When the error comes up copy paste it into Google-translate
  13. >Hope that makes sense sorry , it doesn't what exactly do you want the script to do? you want it to stop some sort of service? which service ? on what computer ? what OS? from which OS? if you are using linux ,placing something in cron is probably your best option, but you will need to give us some more information here...
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